Hair require premium conditioning, a revitalizing shampoo and styling products for healthy growth. Hair care by Wen is made from a wide array of natural ingredients, to help bring hair back to life; by strengthening and moisturizing the strands, while cleaning the scalp. It’s a product line created by Chaz Dean, a professional hair stylist in Hollywood, California. Dean’s products have the necessary ingredients for daily shampooing, deep conditioning and optimal maintenance. And there’s something for every texture.

The products are available for purchase nationwide at select retailers or online directly from, and Wen by Chaz includes amino acids, peptides and other naturally sourced minerals and vitamins. One example of the ingredient combination can be found in the “Wen Light Cleansing Conditioner.” The formula has the above mentioned vitamins and nutrients, as well as Bamboo water, and an antioxidant blend of four tea compounds, along with silica.

What makes hair care by Chaz Wen different from other products is that the stylist is constantly introducing fresh blends. It’s a dynamic creative process in the making, and judging from the diversity of the new products, Chaz understands what it takes for hair growth and upkeep. Like, the “Bella Spirit” Indigo Toning, Cleansing Conditioner. The conditioner is a specially formulated blend that brings out the natural warmth of “cool tones.” The innovation from wen is that the conditioner works by enhancing the undertones of strands, without lather. Which is preferred by those following the moisture preserving method described as, “no poo.”

Chaz Dean has been involved in the hair care industry for over twenty years. Starting out, he learned his craft by working for others as an assistant, in Beverly Hills. He went on to build his reputation as a celebrity hair designer. Check out the Wen YouTube channel for more hair care tips.