One of the leading executive in the marketing and advertising industry is Lori Senecal. She is currently the chief executive officer of the firm Global. Lori attained this position back in the year 2015 and has quickly establish herself as a valuable contributor to the firm’s success. Prior to becoming the CEO of Global, Lori worked as an executive for a number of other marketing companies where she would participate in developing marketing strategy, serving clients and also managing marketing professionals. Senecal has been able to have a very successful career due to her approach to a balanced lifestyle, her upbringing and also her passion for marketing. With her leadership, Lori has helped her marketing firm employers provide excellent service to clients as well as helping them reach their sales goals on a consistent basis.

Lori has experienced a lot of success as a marketing executive due to her emphasis on innovation, developing effective strategy and also establishing a culture. One of the things that Lori has shared on Twitter about her career is innovation in which her organizations as well as clients need to develop creative ways to achieve goals. For the firms she has worked at, they would be able to be more successful by providing more solutions to clients as well as having a better understanding of what they are looking to achieve in terms of advertising campaigns. Lori also believes that her firms and the clients need to develop ways to appeal to customers such as offering better customer service and also offering more incentive for customers to take advantage of. Lastly, Lori believes that in order for any organization to be successful, they must adopt a culture where everyone strives to reach certain goals.

As well as adopting a certain philosophy, Lori attributes her success to her leadership style. When she was growing up she needed to find ways to stand out among her siblings. One of the ways that she looked to stand out is by establishing a strong work ethic. She looked to maximize her efforts in completing tasks as well as learning new things. According to Forbes Magazine, Lori also established a leadership style that would serve her very well in her career. Senecal would look to set goals and make sure that everyone that was part of a group have the same desire to achieve a similar goal. By adopting this philosophy, Lori was able to develop a foundation for future success in her life and career as a marketing executive.


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    Equality experts in advocacy and other groups could point to this reference and see where this rank among others. However the interest in has been more of an effectiveness in the delivery. Lori has proven that she is willing to put in the best in her career and I believe this drives the passion even more for others.

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