Many people in New York are in need of a lawyer at one time or another. This could be due to a business issue, domestic dispute, or some other situation. The problem has always been finding the right lawyer. Looking through the phone book was a traditional method of finding a lawyer. However, who has time for that? Additionally, it has been proven that most attorney information in phone books is not accurate. The New York Bar Association does have a service where people can call and get referrals. However, someone is not always available. Additionally, the service is not 24-hours, either.


The New York Bar Association, along with, has created an easy to use online service for all individuals in need of a lawyer. The online service is available 24-hours a day. Even better, all attorneys within the state have decided to join this online network. The way it works is quite simple. The individual in need of a lawyer visits the Madison County Courier website. There is a form that needs to be filled out. Within moments, you will have a list of a dozen lawyers that will suit your situation.


Attorney Jerry L. Goldstein was one of the main brains behind this program. Attorney Goldstein has represented many government agencies and other companies in business matters. In his travels, throughout New York City, he was surprised to observe so many people without proper representation. Furthermore, he was surprised to observe so many people being overcharged for attorney services.


Goldstein wanted to make a service to help people get legal representation faster and cheaper. He brought together the greatest minds in the field of law within his jurisdiction.


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  • Barry Scholes

    The shape assembles as much data conceivable. This incorporates why you require a legal counselor, how much cash you need to spend, and the desperation of the issue. What was made is absolutely astonishing. This is the surest way for and it is going to be the very reason and it is going to be very splendid for all of them to see what is needed to be done quickly too.

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