The American Institute of Architects, popularly known as AIA, was established in 1857. The non-governmental organization brings together all professional architects in the United States. Under the good leadership of Robert Ivy, the current CEO, the membership to the organization has grown to above 90000. AIA has its head office are in Washington, D.C, US.

Membership of the Organization

The organization’s members are divided into five distinct categories. The architect members granted license to practice the profession by the United States licensing authority. Associate members work under supervision of a given body. They do not possess license. International Associate Members hold valid licenses beyond the US borders. The Emeritus Members consist of long-term serving members of the organization. Such members mostly offer advice and are rarely involved in direct participation in the field. Allied Members practice professions related to architecture including planning, engineering and building-design.

AIA has made significant advancements in its operations in the recent past. Its governance consists of the CEO, Board of Directors and more than 200 employees. Members are encouraged to reflect their services and deliver them with utmost care in order to sustain AIA’s brand.


Serving the Society

AIA has continued to provide high quality services to the American community. Through its highly competent architects, the organization has always been ready to help clients seeking for their services. They have involved the public in making decisions meant to offer best architectural results.

The American Institute of Architects closely works with the government of the United States to ensure quality constructions. Individuals and corporate are encouraged to access expert advice from any of the organization’s offices. Grab the opportunity for quality architectural designs/information for your next project.

Outstanding Performance

AIA has recently been in the headlines for its great achievements. The organization has scooped many awards due to its remarkable deliverables. Some of the notable recognitions include the AIA gold medal, and Architecture firm award just to mention a few.

Since its inception several years ago, American Institute of Architects has contributed much to the US’s construction industry. The organization is always working hard to better it services in order to meet the ever changing customer needs. The organization has a number of outreach programs aimed at encouraging developers to incorporate sustainability and utilize the environment in a friendly manner. Form its Washington D.C headquarters; AIA has maintained its focus on serving the entire American community.

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