We need to promote companies who not only use their products to make money, but also use their products to make our world safer. This is one form of the growing movement of social entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurship, as I define it, is the world view that businesses should also be contributing to society. Securus Technologies is an American for-profit Business the also believes in making a world more safe


Founded in 1986, they are now the nation’s largest provider of civil and criminal technologies, products used for investigating, correcting, and monitoring inmates, and creating solutions to increase public safety.


They started their company in Dallas, Texas. However, as more than twenty four hundred facilities in America hired them, as well as two thousand facilities in Canada, they were forced to expand to Allen, Texas, Carrollton, Texas, and ultimately, Atlanta, Georgia.


The passion that drives them the most is to decrease crime that prisoners inflict upon other prisoners. One reason that these crimes happen, is that prisoners are not monitored correctly inside correctional facilities. Securus Technologies came to the conclusion that if they were to monitor the prisoners, they would need some way of doing it.


Securus Technologies then decided to give all prisoners cell phones that they themselves made. This allowed guards in the prison to detect crimes and investigate them prior to happening.


Securus Technologies then saw a dramatic decrease in crime in those facilities who use their products. Being encouraged, they decided to create more products to increase safety in correctional facilities. They dedicated over 600 million dollars to producing these technologies. Because of this, Securus Technologies now creates a brand new product every single week.


Seeing their success, the Harris Corporation approached them for a multimillion-dollar deal. Both businesses are now worth over a few billion dollars.