Me and my fellow police officers have to rely on several resources inside the prison to maintain a degree of order. If we did not take care of business each day, the inmates would simply take control of the prison and do anything they liked. Many people are often surprised when they hear how easily an inmate can get a weapon, cellphone, or drugs into the jail. These inmates brag about how it is actually easier than when they were on the streets, and this is a complete failure on the parts of my staff.


To combat this issue, we go to great lengths each day to take a proactive stance, and we do this in a number of ways. Every day the inmates are to meet with guests, we do searches of the guest, monitor interactions between the two, and search the inmates before they are allowed to leave the center and go back to their cells. We have drug-sniffing dogs who are used to search inmate cells for anything that should not be there. We have officers who open the mail to make sure these inmates have not developed a new way to get drugs inside.


Once we became familiar with the LBS software for the Securus Technologies inmate call monitoring system, we had yet another resource to help us maintain a degree of safety inside our facility. This company already has the same monitoring system in thousands of prisons, and their entire workforce of 1,000 employees are dedicated to making the world that much safer.


Now if the inmates are talking on the phone about using drugs, we take action. If they are trying to get an illegal cellphone in the jail, we can intercept. No matter how they try, the LBS software picks up the conversation and alerts officers.


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  • Kyndall Solomon

    The services of Securus Technologies inside the prison cannot be over emphasized. This is so because with them, the prison would have been more dangerous for prison officers. uk.superiorpapers review has it that before Securus Technologies installed the inmates communication system, contraband drugs were always found with these inmates with possess danger to the entire prison, visitors and inmates with lesser power.

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