Dr. Sameer Jejurikar On How To Build A Successful Business

CEO, Health and Wellness

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a successful plastic based in Dallas, Texas. He attended the University of Michigan where he not only earned a Bachelor of Science in biomedical sciences, but also an MD in medicine. The doctor is now a partner at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. Dr. Jejurikar specializes in face, breast, and body cosmetic surgery.

His love for becoming a surgeon came at a very young age. It combined the best of both worlds for Sameer. It started in high school when the budding doctor knew he wanted to be a physician. Through his studies, plastic surgery stood out to Dr. Jejurikar for it’s creative nature and variety of procedures. A typical day for the plastic surgeon surrounds doing cosmetic procedures on patients, making sure their needs and wants are are taken care of. Helping these people make these cosmetic changes in their lives makes for a very fulfilling career. In turn, this helps keep bringing back patients.

These ideas come to life by discussing what changes patients want and making them a reality. Dr. Sameer focuses on one particular habit to be as productive as he can in his career. That is mainly customer service. He listens to their concerns, thoughts, and explains the procedures in a lot of detail. This helps patients feel confident and ready for the procedure sot hey can recovery nicely. If they have a pleasant experience, then word of mouth recommendations happen very easily.

One strategy that has helped the doctor’s business grow is great employees. When you have a good situation going on, it’s hard to replace that. Treat them like family, let them know they are doing a good job, and pay them well. You will in turn have hard working and loyal employees that will help grow your business tremendously.

Rebel Wilson Lands Her Starring Role


Rebel Wilson is starring in her new movie, Isn’t it Romantic which is bound to be a hit this Valentine’s Day. The naturally funny actress has finally made it big, and she plays Natalie in the movie who is a single architect trying to make it big in the midst of her mundane office life where she is taken for granted.

When she is mugged in a New York subway she gets knocked unconscious, and when she wakes up she is in the midst of her worst nightmare-a romance that is in full swing, and she is the third wheel. She gets trapped in a love triangle between Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth and she, being a love cynic, would rather be anywhere else.

Watching her on the silver screen, you would think that she has always been outgoing and in the limelight but growing up, she was completely different. She was shy and quiet and would normally avoid being front and center. As she was growing into her teenage years, she decided that she wasn’t meant to be the quiet librarian-type and she began to take debate and to step out of her comfort zone a little more.


Her mom also pushed her to take acting classes, and she began to branch out more and to develop her acting skills. She attended University in New South Wales where she obtained her law degree, and she also spent a year as an Ambassador for the Australian Youth program. She even attended the Australian Theatre for Young People where Nicole Kidman was part of the alumni. She got a scholarship, and the rest is history.

Rebel Wilson landed some great roles in Pitch Perfect and in Bridesmaids, but she wasn’t the star as she is in Isn’t it Romantic. Now she has the chance to really shine and to take center stage. On the side she has even launched her very own clothing line for plus-size women and seems to be inspiring in all that she does. Rebel Wilson is on a roll, and there is nobody who will stop her.

Even though she is living the celebrity life now, she still stays true to her roots and is modest. She grew up in Australia, and her parents were dog handlers, so they traveled quite often. Her upbringing was not glamorous, but she learned how to be real, and she’s still very humble. Read more: Cats Movies – Rebel Wilson  Casts as Jenny | Deadline

She also has a very strict policy when it comes to nudity. She’s not willing to go that far when it comes to her acting career. But that doesn’t seem to prevent her from landing new roles. In the midst of her very busy schedule she has gotten a personal trainer to help her to get in some exercise.

She needs to have the energy to get through her long 16 hour days, and although she may not be fit in the eyes of some, she may have more stamina than some of the pencil-thin celebrities out there.

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Jana Lightspeed

Marketing Expert

Jana Messerschmidt got her nickname Jana Lightspeed when she joined the company called Lightspeed. This company has worked for years investing in companies that are in their early stages. Jana Lightspeed likes to work with companies such as Netflix and Twitter. The company Lightspeed specializes in helping other companies with their sales and marketing. Jana Messerschmidt wants to see companies be successful in their marketing and sales. This is why she took the steps she took to get into the business world.

Jana Lightspeed worked hard during her years of studying to receive a degree in Computer Engineering. Quickly after graduating from college she jumped into the career world. She worked in many different positions before landing the position she knew was for her. Jana knew that in order to help companies develop successful marketing techniques they needed to have strong relationships with their clients.

Jana likes to host events to help build up community excitement about the companies she is working with. She knows that this will also help to build up the marketing techniques. Jana is determined to help the companies she is working with become successful in their sales and marketing. Another thing that Jana is passionate about is letting women realize that they can do anything they set their minds to.

Jana Messerschmidt is a hard working woman who has always been determined to get what she sets her mind to. She works hard for the companies that she is working hard to make sure that they receive the best results out of their sales and marketing. Jana Messerschmidt is a great example to all women. She has worked hard to move herself up high within the Lightspeed company, and gained her nickname as a result of this. Jana Messerschmidt will continue to see shining success for many more years to come.

WEN by Chaz, Fortified With Hydrating Bamboo

Hair Care

Hair require premium conditioning, a revitalizing shampoo and styling products for healthy growth. Hair care by Wen is made from a wide array of natural ingredients, to help bring hair back to life; by strengthening and moisturizing the strands, while cleaning the scalp. It’s a product line created by Chaz Dean, a professional hair stylist in Hollywood, California. Dean’s products have the necessary ingredients for daily shampooing, deep conditioning and optimal maintenance. And there’s something for every texture.

The products are available for purchase nationwide at select retailers or online directly from wenhaircare.com, Amazon.com and chazdean.com. Wen by Chaz includes amino acids, peptides and other naturally sourced minerals and vitamins. One example of the ingredient combination can be found in the “Wen Light Cleansing Conditioner.” The formula has the above mentioned vitamins and nutrients, as well as Bamboo water, and an antioxidant blend of four tea compounds, along with silica.

What makes hair care by Chaz Wen different from other products is that the stylist is constantly introducing fresh blends. It’s a dynamic creative process in the making, and judging from the diversity of the new products, Chaz understands what it takes for hair growth and upkeep. Like, the “Bella Spirit” Indigo Toning, Cleansing Conditioner. The conditioner is a specially formulated blend that brings out the natural warmth of “cool tones.” The innovation from wen is that the conditioner works by enhancing the undertones of strands, without lather. Which is preferred by those following the moisture preserving method described as, “no poo.”

Chaz Dean has been involved in the hair care industry for over twenty years. Starting out, he learned his craft by working for others as an assistant, in Beverly Hills. He went on to build his reputation as a celebrity hair designer. Check out the Wen YouTube channel for more hair care tips.

Training To Be The Best Basketball Players Relies On Nutrition

Health and Wellness

Basketball is a sport that has never been lacking for a competitive nature. These days players and teams are looking to get advantages anyway that they can. Changing their eating habits to an Herbalife style meal plan is just one of the things athletes learn at what now known at the Herbalife IMPACT Basketball Center in Las Vegas.

The changing of the name of the center was not the only recent change The program has a couple of new sponsors in 13-year veteran Patrick O’Bryant who spent time playing for several teams including the Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors. A former coach, Tyronn Lue, who coached for Cleveland and played for the Lakers is also helping to promote the industry.

Over 200 players ranging from high school level through college have attended the program let by these coaches. The training teaches both physical and health approaches the players need to master the sport and maximize their performance. Changing your physical training was risky, but it appears to be succeeding.

Players come to the center to improve their skills by learning how to maintain their body weight despite the temptations being even greater than last year. Players start to learning to eat multiple meals a day instead of the traditional three meals a day. The coaches at the center teach the players positioning and some shooting before they face the high pressure to improve that they face when moving onto the college level.

Herbalife entering the professional sports arena is opening up more opportunities for it to reach athletes at a young level. Increasing the sale of it’s product to a brand new generation will help offset the unrevealed costs for sponsoring the arena and sport they are now partners with. Getting television time in front of a new and younger audience. That audience can look up to O’Bryant and Lue as players from a time when hard worked replaced the more recent reliance on artificial supplements in recent years. Read more about Herbalife on indeed.com.




Malcolm Casselle: New Possibilities in Digital Asset Exchange


The ability to conduct transactions seamlessly and securely from any location in the world with any other person in the world may seem like something that is nearly impossible and it has been for the last several decades. This is no longer the truth however as recent advances in digital technology have allowed a whole new world of possibilities whenever it comes to secure and simple transactions. All of this has been made possible by the same technology that powers the incredibly popular bitcoin. The name of this technology is blockchain. Blockchain itself is a simple ledger system that is cryptographically encoded in a manner that makes it impossible to alter once the transaction is recorded. Today there are computer algorithms that have been written on top of the blockchain which is known as smart contracts that have allowed many things to be possible in the world of computing that were once seen as simple science fiction.

Malcolm Casselle is an entrepreneur and successful businessman who has recognized the potential that this incredible technology offers the world of digital assets. It could make it possible to trade virtual assets instantaneously or at least nearly instantaneously with anyone in the world without the need to fear for fraudulent activity to occur. He has recently raised $100 million in venture capital for his new company named worldwide asset exchange. Malcolm Casselle is confident that this company will go on to change the way that digital transactions take place. It is just one of many real-world applications of cryptocurrency technology.

Malcolm Casselle is a native of the United States of America who went to school at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He graduated with a bachelors degree in computer science before pursuing his graduate degree at Stanford University. After completing his higher education he has been in the workforce for some time. He is known for being a successful early-stage investor in both Facebook and Zynga as well as a few bitcoin startups. Additionally, he was the chief investment officer for OPSkins the world’s largest online centralized marketplace for digital goods and is now the president of worldwide asset exchange.

Wes Edens and the New Face of Brightline

Businessman, company

Wes Edens is the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group, as well as the head of the Brightline rail-service company, which recently announced a partnership with Richard Branson’s Virgin Group. With Brightline, Wes Edens has successfully established the first privately-held rail-service in existence today, while Richard Branson has been actively involved in the United Kingdom’s railway industry for the better part of two decades. Brightline made its first advancements in May of 2018, establishing a system that connected Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, and West Palm Beach, and, in the near future, plans to form a line that connects Las Vegas with Southern California. Today, Virgin Group is considered to be one of the most recognized business entities in the world – well-versed in travel, hospitality, and a number of other sectors. Wes Edens, speaking of the recent union, believes that the connection with Virgin Group will be a considerably profitable one, with the ability to disrupt the rail-service industry. More about of Wes Edens at Bloomberg.

In a recent public appearance, Wes Edens and Richard Branson stated their belief that Brightline’s partnership with Virgin Group, will reinvent the rail-service industry in America. Once the transaction is finalized, Brightline will adopt the Virgin Trains moniker, becoming Virgin Trains USA. Today, Virgin Group successfully operates in a variety of sectors, including telecommunication, music, and entertainment – all of which will serve to increase the visibility of-of the rail-service. Recently, Mr. Branson spoke publicly about Brightline’s partnership with Virgin Trains, revealing, that he and Virgin Group had been long awaiting an opportunity to provide their high-quality rail-service on American soil. Last year, numbers regarding the United Kingdom’s West Coast Main Line showed that over 38 million trips were taken by train – Brightline hopes that by aligning with Virgin Group’s brand, it will allow the company to see numbers in a similar range. In 2019, rebranding efforts will become official, but, the company’s existing management team, an affiliate of Fortress Investment Group, will remain the majority owner. Upon closing, an affiliate of Virgin Group is also expected to purchase a minority share of Virgin Trains USA.

Read More: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wes_Edens


ClassDojo Beyond School App Introduced

Educational App

All people want to invest and get their returns in a short time. In a span of seven years, most people want to have acquired their returns. For ClassDojo, it has taken a very long time for the founders to announce their first offering that has been paid. The company, based in San Francisco, is unique in the market. Experts in the market say that this is probably one of the ventures that are supporting education technology in the market and still serving people well for almost a decade. The rest of the companies with a similar motive have failed in their ventures, and most of them realized that they could not operate without making a single dime.

The patience exercised by ClassDojo has paid off so well. The institution has made a huge impact on the educational platform, helping to connect teacher’s parents and students. At the moment, ClassDojo is proud of the number of clients in its platform, something most technology companies in the education department have failed to get. A recent research done by the firm showed that at least a teacher in the elementary and also in the middle schools in the United States is using ClassDojo in her operations in the class. Most families in the United States, especially those who have children under the age of fourteen, are using the communication platform to make the lives of their young people better.

ClassDojo was established and also launched in the year 2011. When the institution started to operate in August, it stated that it will not be charging the teachers and even the schools that will be using the app. The organization has come out to explain the kind of plan it will be using so that this special model isn’t changed. The primary aim of the organization is to sell monthly subscription to all the parents, and this will help the young people at home and even in school. The new feature will be named ClassDojo Beyond School, and it is already getting a positive impact in the market from the look of things. The platform will be able to transform the young lives in the US using the new feature.

Ryan Seacrest: AKA The Hardest Working Man On The Media

Entertainment Industry, Entrepreneur

People in various businesses, major corporations, and entrepreneurial enterprises are accustomed to holding more than one title, and doing more than one job. Ryan Seacrest is a man of many talents. There are very few men who possess the accolades that Ryan has obtained. He has accomplished so much during the course of his career, and still there is more to come. Already a television star in his own right, now he is embarking on an acting career to add to his many achievements. The ABC network is developing a comedy series starring Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa. The two host the ABC morning show, Live With Kelly and Ryan.

Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) and Kelly Ripa have a remarkable work relationship that the network has the confidence that the two will be a successful comedy duo. The series is called Work Wife, and will delve into the the dynamics of working spouses. the boundaries that they have with each other, and how it impacts their relationship with other people. Both Ryan and Kelly will executive produce the comedy along with members from Ryan Seacrest Productions and Kelly’s husband Mark who is a producer with ABC.

Ryan Seacrest is a entrepreneur, radio and tv host, menswear designer, philanthropist, and developer of a men’s skin product. He has a morning radio show, On Air With Ryan. He has been the hose of American Idol since it’s beginning, and is now hosting the new American Idol on ABC. He is founder and CEO of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation which benefits children who are hospitalized around the country. Ryan Seacrest Distinction is his menswear line, and R.S. Polish is his skin product for men. He does more than the average person in the course of a day, but he always has time for the camera.

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation has real broadcast studios set up in children’s hospitals to teach children all about broadcasting. The children actually learn about the media and how it operates.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RyanSeacrest

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade-Steering Brazilian Car Industry

Auto Industry, Business Management

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is the chairman of the board of directors for CAOA. CAOA is a company in Brazil which deals with making cars. The firm also deals with importing and selling of vehicles. The firm imports and sells Hyundai, Subaru, and Ford Car models. It also manufactures Tucson SUV models and HD trucks models. Additionally, it makes HR car models and iX35 CAR models. It has an automobile assembly plant located in Annapolis, the state of Goias.

From Medicine to automobile

Born in Joao Pessoa, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade started as a doctor. He practiced in the regions of North-East Brazil. In 1979, his interest in cars saw him become an entrepreneur, hence founding CAOA.

Origin of CAOA

The story of CAOA began when Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade bought a Ford Landau car model. Before the car could be delivered to him, the car firm was declared bankrupt. He took this as an opportunity to start his own automobile company. His proposal to take over the bankruptcy deal as a payback for his undelivered car became a reality. He named the company after his initials.

Different Brands

CAOA started as a car dealer with the Ford brand. The company’s steady growth saw it import the Renault brand from France. This came after the 1992 declaration by the Brazilian state to allow importation of cars. In 1998, CAOA’s started importing Subaru Brand from Japan. The deal was so successful such that the firm became the official importer of the Subaru brand of cars. A year later, CAOA took the lion’s share in the importation and selling of Hyundai model from South Korea.

More strides, more awards

In 2007, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade could not hide his pride in building an auto manufacturing firm. In a partnership with Hyundai, he opened CAOA Automobile S/A. Ten years later CAOA partnered with Chery to open CAOA CHERY. This firm prides itself in making 100 percent Brazilian car models. These achievements have made Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade’s CAOA firm a recipient of many awards. Some of these awards include Good Doer Company award, Most Admired Company Award and Distributor of the Year award.

Find out more: https://g1.globo.com/carros/noticia/com-caoa-chery-sonha-em-chegar-ao-top-10-no-brasil-em-5-anos.ghtml