A Review Of The Self-Made Entrepreneur And Philanthropist, Marc Sparks

Blue Jay Wireless, GlobalTec Solutions

Marc Sparks is a successful venture capitalist and entrepreneur. As a businessman, Marc runs many companies. The self-made businessman is the head of Timber Creek Capital. He has established multiple ventures that have gone on to become successful firms.

Marc’s strong faith in God has contributed positively to his achievements in business. His positive attitude has also helped him to navigate through the toughest moments. He received his high school Diploma in 1975. Marc went on to create many startup businesses.

Through sheer determination, Marc has accomplished great feats in a number of industries, including telecommunications, real estate, and capital investments. He has maintained ownership, purchased, and sold multiple firms, including Timber Creek Capital.

Marc offers various services such as legal and accounting, office space, and capital, through the private equity firm. Marc operates GlobalTec Solutions, which gives decision and analysis different products.

In addition, Marc manages one of the biggest media marketing services globally, Splash Media. The company focuses on SEM, SEO, video production, along with programming services. He has run the firm since 2004. Marc has also managed Reliant Healthcare, a healthcare management firm, which is physician sponsored.

It specializes on inpatient rehabilitation as well as healthcare operations. Sparks is affiliated with other companies, including Blue Jay Wireless, Cardinal Telecom, Uncle Marc Food Delivery, Agency Matrix, and Boxstar LLC.

In 2014, Marc published ‘They Can’t Eat You.‘ Through this book, Marc shares his experiences in the world of business. The inspiration behind writing and publishing this book was his passion to share his skills and knowledge with the public.

He was also convinced by his colleagues to publish the book in order to reach out to as many people as possible. Sparks notes that the book is aimed at entrepreneurs that are having a difficult time actualizing their dreams.

With They Can’t Eat You, Sparks hopes entrepreneurs can learn more from his unsuccessful businesses and the ones that performed well. So far, the book has been a best seller. It has motivated many individuals to venture into business through the various tips that it offers.

Additionally, Marc Sparks advises entrepreneurs on the different ways that they can improve their presentation. He provides insights on the things venture capitalists like him look for in a presentation.

To make a successful presentation, Marc points out that an entrepreneur using visuals should make a point with each visual. Moreover, they should support their product with data. Noteworthy, the whole team should make the presentation. The information should be kept simple.

Marc’s passion in business and assisting entrepreneurs also extends to charity. He is well known for supporting different charitable initiatives in the community.

He is passionate about helping the disadvantaged members of the society. Marc has dedicated his resources to several philanthropic efforts, including Habitat for Humanity and The Samaritan Inn.

Madison Street Capital Identified the Right Financing Partner for ARES Security Corporation

Financial Advice

As a global investment banking company, Madison Street Capital provides a range of services ranging from expertise in merger and acquisition, financial advisory, and opinions as well as valuation services. The privately held firm extends its services to both private and publicly held organizations. Madison Street Capital prides itself in having professionals who possess specialized expertise in collaborating with middle-market organizations operating in different industries and niche markets to optimize end results.


Apart from its commitment to meeting the needs of its clients, MSC has earned excellent reputation from its philanthropic efforts advanced to organizations such as the United Way. The Chicago-based investment firm has been in the industry for 12 years.


MSC experts understand the importance of customization. As such, they analyze the unique needs of its clients before embarking on finding the most appropriate match between buyers and sellers, arranging the right financing, and devising capitalization structures capable of maximizing the client’s potential. Based on the press release dated January 10, 2017, Madison Street Capital successfully arranged a minority recapitalization for ARES Security Corporation.


ARES is the leading company in security risk management. It offers comprehensive security software solutions. MSC was the exclusive financial advisor throughout the entire process. It subordinated debt investment for ARES. The senior managing director of Madison Street Capital, Reginald McGaugh was responsible for guiding the transaction. Corbel Structured Equity Partners provided the minority recapitalization.


Charles Botchway, MSC’s CEO announced the transaction. While relaying the good news, Charles said that he was greatly honored to have worked directly with the president of ARES in the journey towards providing the investment. He described ARES Security as a unique organization with the top of the line technological solutions protecting the most critical assets in the world. He further commended ARES’ superior management team and the board who constantly challenged MSC to find the most appropriate financing partner.


The President of ARES, Ben Eazzetta, openly appreciated the team at MSC for their accomplishments in 2016. He said that the team at ARES was happy with the whole process including the manner in which due diligence was conducted, valuation analysis and also the process of raising capital. Ben noted that the MSC team worked especially hard and diligently to identify an appropriate financing partner, and is, without a doubt, looking into the future with increased hope thanks to the newly acquired capital structure.


ARES is certain that its partnership with Corbel to structure the investment provides the best path towards the creation of significant equity value. Corbel has a flexible capital solution and a supportive partnership that will allow ARES to carry on with its significant sales momentum and take advantage of fresh revenue opportunities at their disposal thanks to Corbel’s industry contacts.


The Business and Philanthropic Ventures of Eric Pulier

Business Management, Staffing Management

Eric Pulier, Harvard and MIT scholar, is known for his many successful businesses and philanthropic undertakings. By the mid-1990s Pulier was a known figure in the national business scene, having founded two esteemed businesses by 1994; People Doing Things, and Digital Evolution. The former business utilized technology to create solutions in education and healthcare. Digital Evolution, an interactive platform that connected needs of educational settings to creative digital solutions, eventually merged with an existing company to form US Interactive, LLC. This solid foundation in the business world, especially in areas of business where people can be helped through the use of technology, created a strong base from which Eric Pulier’s philanthropic efforts could be launched.


Pulier went on to work with notable figures and organizations, such as Al Gore and Bill Clinton. Through Gore’s Healthcare and Technology Forum, Pulier was able to advise national leadership on technological issues within the healthcare system. The Clinton Global Initiative, founded by Bill Clinton in 1997, benefited from Pulier’s breadth of knowledge in tech, and healthcare systems. Pulier used these positions to design and implement solutions in education and healthcare, and to advise lawmakers on current issues within such systems.


Pulier has since began other business and charitable ventures including the founding of the companies Akana and Desktone. Akana is tech-business focused on Service-Oriented Architecture, which connects businesses and makes use of leading technology platforms. This company was sold to a software company, Rouge Wave Software, in 2016.


How the New Brunswick NJ Investigators Tracked Perpetrators of the Quincy Shooting.


Once in a while, the Pizza suppliers often get prank calls for pizza orders. It is common to witness teens, college’s students or even at times adult. There are times when the pranks cost the supplier the cost of the pizza as well as the wasted gas. It is a bitter reality that the pizza suppliers have to cope with on daily basis of the business.



One thing that it is not in the job description of the pizza deliverer is the being attempted to be robbed while delivering the pranked pizza order. This was the case that transpired on the November 20th, 2012, when a delivery driver in Brunswick, he encountered a group of a gang at the N building of a housing complex located on the Quincy Circle in New Brunswick, NJ.



The driver was going back to his car when he met with a trio who told him that they had actually ordered the pizza. The driver discovered that the gun had a handgun that was aimed at his forehead. The suspect who was holding the gun demand the driver give them his wallet, cash as well as pizza. Though the driver complied with all their demands, he was shot while being relieved of the pizza and personal property. The gang of three fled to the nearest parking lot.



According to the witnesses, they said that the gang fled in an old model minivan afterward. The police used this information together with pinging cell towers in the nearby vicinity of the crime area to find one of the individuals who was part of the gang. Parysh Wood also known as P-Gun or Pistol was aligned in court and charged with the on November 2012 criminal incidence while he was in Middlesex County Jail on the unconnected charges of robbery other that the pizza drive robbery.



Several numbers of pizza delivery robberies that add up to nine and covered several cities that began in the Mid-November 2012. Police are of the opinion that a woman identified as Justina Hampton who was arrested in the connection of the robberies, participates in the crimes by calling pizza delivery services for the pizza orders. These calls are what the criminals used to allure the unsuspecting drivers into an ambush. At the same time, the investigators were investigating other people of interest at the time when it became publicly known incidence, through the help of website such as Brunswick Today as well as Brunswick Path.



George Soros Contribution to the Recent Elections

Campaign Financier

Soros Reemerges in Politics
Having tried to ensure that President Bush loses the 2004 elections, George Soros exited the political field for some time. He also scaled back his finances after contributing over $27 billion in that same year. Soros quietly resurfaced and ranked top leader in the contribution towards Democratic Politics. George Soros donated over $25 million to enhance Hillary Clinton’s chances of winning the 2016 Presidential elections. The amount catered for Democrats and the Federal Election Commission services. Most of his associates expected him to make more contributions to amassing wealth to over $24.9 billion via risky currency trades towards the election date. Although Soros had planned to attend the first Democratic Convention and support Hillary Clinton On businessinsider.com, he traveled for business to evaluate the market situation in Europe.

Traveling did not bar Soros from donating massive amounts towards Clinton’s campaign. In fact, most of his associates noted that he was more politically engaged compared to 2004 or any other year. George Soros was motivated by Clinton’s faith and determination to win the Presidential Election. His focus was on beating Donald Trump since Donald was against most of the values he believed in. Soros is prominent for his consistent donations to Democratic causes on Forbes. His political stakes for 2016 elections were so high. Even before Trump’s entry into the race, he was troubled by the opinions and differences of the ‘rival’ side. According to Soros, the other side was hostile to what he and other Americans have taken most time and resources to build. His focus was on the constitution development, immigration changes, criminal justice system, and religious reforms on nytimes.com. Soros’ contribution rooted from the love and support he had for his country.

Soros’ willingness to transform resources was outstanding. He changed the cash spigot to financial circles by supporting Democrats. More than other donors, George Soros catalyzed the contribution by tagging wealthy activists like Tom Steyer who hails from San Francisco. Tom contributed $31 million towards the campaign. Another vibrant activist influenced by Soros was Fred Eychaner and Haim, who are media gurus. They both contributed $11 million each. Don Sussman parted with $13.2 million towards the same venture. The total effect of Soro’s support welcomed the richest to Clinton’s campaign including the allies who formed groups to offer massive financial help to overcome Trump. Trump was regarded with suspicion by most GOP donors. The reputation was a bonus to Clinton’s campaign as it dwarfed Trump.

About George Soros
Born in 1930, George Soros is a successful entrepreneur and businessman. He is a philanthropist, political activist, investor and author of political books. Soros established a fund named Soros Fund Management. The Fund offers donations to most political Democrats he supports in addition to the children pursuing a college education in the Apartheid. Soros is among the wealthiest men in the world and has been a great supporter of the American Progressive as well as American Liberal Causes. Soros played a significant role in the peaceful transitioning of Eastern Europe from socialism to capitalism.

He is prominent for providing Europe with the largest endowment in higher education, the University of Central Europe which is located in Budapest.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water Performing Exceptionally Well under Ryan Emmons’ Leadership

Africa, Pump Aid

Waiakea Water was founded in 2012 by Mr. Ryan Emmons and has seen tremendous growth in the brand ever since. According to Mr. Emmons, the company has grown by over 5000% in the last 4 years. He attributes this exceptional performance to the company’s commitment to excellence and sustainability.

The bottled water is now available in more than 25 US states and the company is now looking to go international as the demand for its product has greatly increased and gone beyond the US borders.

The Secret behind Waiakea’s Success

Mr. Emmons acknowledges the fact that it was not easy to start and grow his business, especially considering the fact that he was just 18 at the time while most of the other players in the field were old folks with years of experience running businesses. He struggled to get the company on its feet but his discipline and excellent strategy finally paid off.

For instance, in 2015, the company donated 500 million liters of water to drought-stricken regions in Africa. It is actively involved in the activities of many other charity organizations.One of these is Pump Aid, an organization that strives to improve the lives of residents of drought-stricken regions in Africa and Asia by providing them with clean water that is safe for consumption.

Waiakea water is also mindful of the environment and therefore recycles bottles and uses them to package its water. In fact, the brand is certified Carbon Neutral. This greatly reduces its carbon footprint and has made it a favorite among consumers who are passionate about the environment.

It has therefore contributed greatly to the company’s growth. Waiakea water is sourced from the Waiakea spring on the Mauna Loa Volcano. It has an amazing taste and is gaining popularity all over the world. The water contains minerals such as calcium, iron and potassium among others, making it way healthier than other brands of bottled water.


According to New You, Waiakea water is selling more than just bottled water; it is selling a premium brand that is built on strong values and a concern for the environment and the community as a whole. It is no wonder then that it is gaining popularity all over the world and continues to record outstanding performance.

With its new manufacturing branch in Hawaii, it is able to produce even more of the product and reach a wider market. It has proven to other players in the industry that doing things ethically actually pays off big time.

Dick DeVos Work History

Business, Philanthropy

Dick DeVos is a well-known entrepreneur and businessman from Michigan and a son of one of the Amway Corporation co-founders. I set out to check his work history and resume from his early days of his career up until now where he runs his own firm. DeVos is an alumnus of the Northwood University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He is also an attendee of the Harvard Business School as well as the Wharton School’s Executive Study Programs, though he did not graduate. In 1974, Dick DeVos began working with Amway Corporation. At the corporation, DeVos held a series of positions in various departments such as marketing and sales, finance, development, and manufacturing. He became one of the executive vice presidents of the firm in 1984. As one of the vice presidents, Dick DeVos was charged with the responsibility of managing the corporation’s interests in over 18 nations.


During DeVos’ stretch, he facilitated the opening of various new markets for the company and subsequently increased the sales levels to a point where, for the first time, they surpassed the domestic sales. I noted that when he assumed the vice presidency of foreign operation in 1986, the company had only 5 percent foreign sales of the total sales. Six years later, the time he left the position, the foreign sales had increased to around 50 percent of the overall annual sales. The DeVos family, in 1991, made a significant acquisition of the NBA’s Orlando Magic basketball franchise where he went on to becoming its Chief Executive Officer and President. He held the position for three consecutive years and was responsible for significant success.


Dick DeVos would later leave the Orlando Magic in January 1993 and rejoin Amway Corporation as its President. He was his father’s successor who was among the co-founders of the firm. During his tenure in the presidency, Dick DeVos expanded the firm’s operations to more than 50 countries on six continents. In 2000, Dick DeVos oversaw one of the significant restructurings, which led to the creation of Amway’s new parent company, Alticor, as well as some subsidiaries. Through buyouts and early retirements, the company downsized its workforce to enable it to return to profitability. Dick DeVos later retired from Alticor in August 2002, which reported sales worth $4.5 billion. Moving on, Dick DeVos went to become the President of Windquest Group. Dick DeVos has also been a member of the State Board of Education where he was actively involved in a series of community initiatives.

Norman Pattiz and PodCastOne


The broadcasting industry is one of the largest business sectors in the world. There are many names and companies associated with the broadcasting industry. However, one name that stands out above the rest is Norman Pattiz.


Norman Pattiz, to some people, is the father of today’s broadcasting industry. He has been in the industry since the early 1970s. In fact, Mr. Pattiz is the founder of America’s largest broadcasting company in history, Westwood One. He is also the founder and chairman of the newest podcast network, PodCastOne.


In fact, PRnewswire.com recently did an article on Norman Pattiz and PodCastOne. The article was discussing the latest addition to the Monday night podcast lineup. This new addition is a show that will discuss the paranormal world. It will include various interviews and stories of people who are well known in the paranormal world. The program is titled, “Beyond the Darkness.” It is being available on the Jericho Network Program. The weekly program will be hosted by Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis. Both men are well known throughout the paranormal world’s followers.


Westwood One and PodCastOne are not Mr. Pattiz’ only adventures in the broadcasting industry. In fact, Mr. Pattiz has been in the industry for over forty years. He has held several high powered positions during this career. One of these positions included serving on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America. This board oversees all of the nonmiliarty broadcasting services in the United States. He held this position during the terms of two United States Presidents, including Bill Clinton.


The Middle East also benefited from Norman Pattiz’ broadcasting experience. Mr. Pattiz organized and launched radio and television services in many of the Middle Eastern nations. This helped to unify the nations and give the entire world a better look at the culture in the Middle East.


In 2009, Mr. Pattiz received two of the highest honors that are available in the broadcasting industry. The first award was being inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame. This award was honored in recognition to his outstanding achievements in the industy. The other award he received was The Giants of Broadcasting Award from the Library of American Broadcasting.

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Doe Deere: Free-spirit, dreamer and visionary

Women in Business

“‘Ruling with an iron fist’ is too old-school and I don’t believe it inspires respect in a leader. I strive to uplift and drive people to succeed through positive reinforcement.” These are the wise words of Doe Deere, a fairly new and fresh face in the cosmetic industry, who believes that beauty on the inside is just as important as beauty on the outside.

The Russian-born New Yorker is the Founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics. She has a deeply embedded passion to show the world that cosmetics do more than simply beautify; they are a free-spirited way of bringing to the skin’s surface the creativity and self-expression that lies underneath. She believes that rather than judging a certain look simply by physical appeal, one should go with one that “feels” right for the moment, one which reflects the mood at hand, right now. Adding to the soul of her products is her compassion for animals. She has ensured that her cosmetics can be worn guilt-free by providing a cruelty-free line of products.

View her profile on Linkedin.com.

Lime Crime Cosmetics was launched in 2008, and has had great success selling its playful, bold, and artistic cosmetics. Its very name came from Deere’s favorite color and long-time dream to create products so artistic and so extremely bright, that wearing them could be considered a crime! She felt that unusual, dramatic colors were very difficult to find, so she decided to create her own unique line catering to those who wish to stand out from the usual and mundane.

Deere started out small, but on her own terms, which shaped the success story she has become. She is an enthusiastic advocate for women and encourages them to own businesses and become successful entrepreneurs. She adores mentoring, and plans to continue doing that for a long time to come. She spends quite a bit of time speaking at events, where she encourages women to find their self -who they truly are- and follow that path where it leads.

Despite having such a rigorous schedule, Doe deeply values each customer and provides advice to anyone who asks. She remains quite humble and personable despite her success and stays in touch with anyone who wishes to do so, through her Instagram. She’s committed to quality and even goes so far as to try each new product before it’s marketed so she can empathize with the customer. She likes to “feel” the products before selling them.

Doe Deere: people-lover, animal-lover, dreamer and visionary. Her tender heart cares for customers, employees and animal causes with equal passion. She is as unique of a person as her name, and will never settle for less than the free spirit that she is.

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Christanna Bevin: The Incredible Result-Oriented Project Services Manager

Business Management, Trade Agreements

Christanna Bevin is one of the world’s renowned project managers. Her amazing career as a proficient service manager began after her graduation from Australian Institute of Business where she obtained her MBA. From the institution, she learned a great deal of business and project management.

Bevin has showed a great deal of skills and knowledge in project management by working in different industries. She has worked in mining and construction industries, power generation, and business corporate and also in engineering. All these industries that she has worked in have been challenging and still, she has been able to create and develop projects in different companies.

Some of the skills that Bevan has demonstrated in working for these industries include, project planning and management. These skills have enabled Bevan to take charge of projects from scratch to their completion. Procurement is another skill that has come in hand during her ventures. Bevan has excelled in cost engineering and commissioning, making sure that all her projects run smoothly and are well coordinated from the beginning to the end.

Additionally, Bevan has specialized in process improvement. She makes sure that the operations of the companies she works in are cost effective and saves time as well. Secondly, she has special interests in capacity building which involves encouraging team works and finally change management in teams she works in. At the end of it all, all the projects she has supervised have all gone great which have resulted in her proficient reputation.

Bevin works experience speaks volume of her achievements. Currently, she works as the service manager at the Consulting Services in Brisbane. She has been able to work alongside great teams to accomplish the projects that she has been assigned. She also worked for a period of sixteen months for Phu Bia Mining as a service manager where she controlled and was in charge of the project. She also worked as the service manager at Universal Energy Services for three years.

Christanna Bevin has more than thirteen years of experience in the service manager sector. Through the years, she has been acquired so much knowledge and skills that make her an expert in the industry. She is passionate and dedicated in whatever she does and her incredible work ethics have enabled her achieve great success.