In our world that is hostile toward anybody who knows how to make a dollar, it seems that the rich are getting the heap of the anger from the common folk. It seems that the common man is ready to rise up and dethrone the rich elite. The 1% better be careful or else they will see a revolution that will make the French blush.

While the 1% may be getting treated as if they are the cause of all the world’s ills, Omar Boraie may be there saving grace.

Sam Boraie has used his real estate development company to help the city of New Brunswick become a hotbed of economic activity. Just looking at a few things that he has done will show how much of a wonderful heart he has.

The New Jersey Stage recently wrote an article about Omar detailing how he has mad the families in the community one of his top priorities. Omar Boraie partnered along with the State Theater to provide quality time for families to enjoy. This wuality of time came in the form of free movie nights. The agreement was as follows; the State Theater would provide for the location if Omar Boraie would cover the cost of admission, drink, and popcorn. Omar Boraie did not just pay for one movie but for seven movies over the summer! Check out their website

Omar Borie has spent forty years working with his real estate company in order to help New Brunswick flourish.

Omar Boarie began by ensuring that jobs remained in the area. Jobs had been leaving the area like bugs scattering in the light. Omar knew that in order to make this happen, he would have to keep the big factories in town. The biggest factory in town was Johnson and Johnson. Once Johnson and Johnson came out publically and said they were going to stay, the economy in the area began to stabilize.

From that point, Omar built a dream team in order to help New Brunswick thrive. He gathered the mayor, the newspaper editors, and the President of the University. These people had a personal stake in this city succeeding.

Lastly, Omar Boarie donated $150 million worth of commercial and residential real estate to the city. This allowed the city to offer homes and office space to young professionals so that they would want to move to the city and call it home. You can visit their website