Michael Zomber has achieved success in many fields. Whether it’s filmmaking, writing, or film-making, Zomber has a knack for getting things done. One thing that unifies all of these fields is his interest in the samurai.

Zomber’s focus on Japanese history has informed many of his pursuits. The Bushido, or warrior code, of the samurai has informed several of his novels. Michael Zomber also has an extensive collection of antique samurai armor. He has a long-running relationship with the History Channel, working on shows including “Tales of the Gun.”

Although this fascination with warriors can sound like an affinity for violence, nothing could be further from the truth. Zomber respects the restraint and structure that are inherent in the Bushido. That is where the attraction lies. While the stories of warriors and their exploits are interesting to him, Zomber actually works for peace.

Along with his wife, Andrea, Michael Zomber is involved in several organizations that work to end war and de-escalate conflicts. Amnesty International, UNICEF, and Doctors Without Borders are among the organizations close to their hearts.

The Zombers formed a production company, Renascent Films, in 1998. The films they have produced include La Cucaracha, Literary Riot, and Soul of the Samurai. La Cucaracha achieved critical acclaim, and was named Best Picture at the Austin Film Festival.

Whether it is his novels, fiction-based films, or documentaries, Zomber is always successful at that. Educated at UCLA, he holds graduate and undergraduate degrees in History.

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  • Richard Lakes

    In everything he does, Michael Zomber seeks to tell a story. This desire for stability and peace is also a value that the couple has passed on to their children, Christopher and Gabriella. I do which that assignment help could also have a lot of these things in mind while making very plane to them too.

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