Jana Messerschmidt got her nickname Jana Lightspeed when she joined the company called Lightspeed. This company has worked for years investing in companies that are in their early stages. Jana Lightspeed likes to work with companies such as Netflix and Twitter. The company Lightspeed specializes in helping other companies with their sales and marketing. Jana Messerschmidt wants to see companies be successful in their marketing and sales. This is why she took the steps she took to get into the business world.

Jana Lightspeed worked hard during her years of studying to receive a degree in Computer Engineering. Quickly after graduating from college she jumped into the career world. She worked in many different positions before landing the position she knew was for her. Jana knew that in order to help companies develop successful marketing techniques they needed to have strong relationships with their clients.

Jana likes to host events to help build up community excitement about the companies she is working with. She knows that this will also help to build up the marketing techniques. Jana is determined to help the companies she is working with become successful in their sales and marketing. Another thing that Jana is passionate about is letting women realize that they can do anything they set their minds to.

Jana Messerschmidt is a hard working woman who has always been determined to get what she sets her mind to. She works hard for the companies that she is working hard to make sure that they receive the best results out of their sales and marketing. Jana Messerschmidt is a great example to all women. She has worked hard to move herself up high within the Lightspeed company, and gained her nickname as a result of this. Jana Messerschmidt will continue to see shining success for many more years to come.