Soros Reemerges in Politics
Having tried to ensure that President Bush loses the 2004 elections, George Soros exited the political field for some time. He also scaled back his finances after contributing over $27 billion in that same year. Soros quietly resurfaced and ranked top leader in the contribution towards Democratic Politics. George Soros donated over $25 million to enhance Hillary Clinton’s chances of winning the 2016 Presidential elections. The amount catered for Democrats and the Federal Election Commission services. Most of his associates expected him to make more contributions to amassing wealth to over $24.9 billion via risky currency trades towards the election date. Although Soros had planned to attend the first Democratic Convention and support Hillary Clinton On, he traveled for business to evaluate the market situation in Europe.

Traveling did not bar Soros from donating massive amounts towards Clinton’s campaign. In fact, most of his associates noted that he was more politically engaged compared to 2004 or any other year. George Soros was motivated by Clinton’s faith and determination to win the Presidential Election. His focus was on beating Donald Trump since Donald was against most of the values he believed in. Soros is prominent for his consistent donations to Democratic causes on Forbes. His political stakes for 2016 elections were so high. Even before Trump’s entry into the race, he was troubled by the opinions and differences of the ‘rival’ side. According to Soros, the other side was hostile to what he and other Americans have taken most time and resources to build. His focus was on the constitution development, immigration changes, criminal justice system, and religious reforms on Soros’ contribution rooted from the love and support he had for his country.

Soros’ willingness to transform resources was outstanding. He changed the cash spigot to financial circles by supporting Democrats. More than other donors, George Soros catalyzed the contribution by tagging wealthy activists like Tom Steyer who hails from San Francisco. Tom contributed $31 million towards the campaign. Another vibrant activist influenced by Soros was Fred Eychaner and Haim, who are media gurus. They both contributed $11 million each. Don Sussman parted with $13.2 million towards the same venture. The total effect of Soro’s support welcomed the richest to Clinton’s campaign including the allies who formed groups to offer massive financial help to overcome Trump. Trump was regarded with suspicion by most GOP donors. The reputation was a bonus to Clinton’s campaign as it dwarfed Trump.

About George Soros
Born in 1930, George Soros is a successful entrepreneur and businessman. He is a philanthropist, political activist, investor and author of political books. Soros established a fund named Soros Fund Management. The Fund offers donations to most political Democrats he supports in addition to the children pursuing a college education in the Apartheid. Soros is among the wealthiest men in the world and has been a great supporter of the American Progressive as well as American Liberal Causes. Soros played a significant role in the peaceful transitioning of Eastern Europe from socialism to capitalism.

He is prominent for providing Europe with the largest endowment in higher education, the University of Central Europe which is located in Budapest.

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  • Alana Lucca

    People talk of the impact of money in politics and the campaigns and I think the stakes are high and this shows really that we have a problem at hand. Although some considers this a good sign to allow open support of fund raising to their candidates and party. The affiliation this will create will certainly go beyond the political implication to even more areas in technology and business.

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