Farron Bernhardt, the former vice president of Nevada Housing and Neighborhood Development’s senior living division has now been hired at an assisted living facility in San Luis Obispo, CA. The facility, Manse on Marsh is well-known for their friendly environment and high quality care providers. In fact, they have won the Caring Star award twice in the last two years for maintaining 5-star reviews and high user recommendations. Bernhardt recognizes the importance of this accomplishment and is honored to now be a part of the team. Owner Chris Skiff also spoke favorably of Bernhardt and likes the experience and knowledge that he brings to the team.


The Manse on Marsh provides care for seniors who can still live independently, but may need a little help along the way. As they age, sometimes tasks like cooking meals, lifting heavy objects, or driving vehicles become too difficult to do on their own, and family members can’t always be nearby to help out. That’s where assisted living facilities like Manse on Marsh come in and provide the support that seniors need in their daily lives. But it’s also very important that seniors don’t feel lonely or isolated, and the Manse on Marsh treats them like family and provides social activities for them so that moving from their own home into this assisted living home goes smoothly.


Residents can stay in studio apartments, or private housing if they prefer. There are features available such as room service and housekeeping, personal groomers, mail service, cable TV and internet, laundry, private kitchens, appliances, and emergency pendants in case immediate assistance is needed. There are also personal trainers that lead fitness and balance programs, and activities planners that can take residents on nature walks or even field trips. There is also public transportation for downtown shopping activities or medical appointments, and Manse on Marsh has also hosted events such as religious services and concert gatherings. Family and pets are always welcome at Manse on Marsh.  Find out if the facility is right for you by reading The Manse Blog, or even following their popular Twitter feed.


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