Dick and Betsy DeVos have on many occasions come into the lime light for their generous political donations. If these donations amaze you, then you will be mesmerized by their charitable contributions that have been approximated to add up to $139 million.

Since Betsy DeVos was nominated as the U.S. Education Secretary, she fell under a lot of scrutiny for her donations to Republicans and her contributions to schools. This was one of the factors that led the couple to reveal to the world an account of their philanthropic activities that are conducted through the DeVos Foundation.

A Revelation of the Philanthropic Activities of the DeVos Family

In 2015, the coupled revealed through a report on their website, they had given $11.6 million worth of charitable contributions. This is twice the amount of campaign donations contributed over the past five years.

The couple is part of a dynasty which has been involved in Republican politics for many years. Dick’s father, and co founder of Amway, Rick DeVos, has contributed to the Republican Party for many decades. Rick and his family of four gave out a total of $104 million as charity in 2015. This contribution landed the DeVos family at 24th place of Forbes list of the “Top Givers in America”.

Betsy DeVos can also be considered loyalty when you consider her blood ties to the renowned Holland Industrialist, Edgar Prince, a Holland industrialist who was well connected politically and also distinguished for his charitable giving.

Why Do the DeVos Give Out So Much?

According to the code of the wealthy West Michigan families, a good reputation is not derived from what you wear or the car you drive but from the amount of money you channel towards charity.

Dick and Betsy philanthropic activities are meant to highlight the importance of education in society. In 2015, the couple spent over $3 million in educational causes, a sum that accounted for 26% of the donations they had handed out that year. Apart from this donation, the DeVos foundation set aside $357,000 to groups that offered support to education reform.

Dick DeVos claims that their spending on charity is a reflection of their efforts towards education reforms. In 2013, the major beneficiaries of their donations included “Detroit Charter School Company New Urban Learning, “Compass College of Cinematic Arts in Grand Rapids”, Ferris State University in Big Rapids, and “West Michigan Aviation Academy”.

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