Securus Technologies has been a global leader in the communication systems field. The company provides its services to inmates for communication through phone calls. The company has set up an intricate communication system that many facilities have found incredibly useful. The monitoring services provided by the company has been especially important in fighting crime across different correction facilities in the United States.


The new program by Securus known as Investigator Pro 4.0 has been highly praised by its customers worldwide. Multiple customer testimonials have indicated the satisfaction people have had with the product. Investigator 4.0 is a biometric software which allows one to search for a particular voice. It helps to identify potential criminals and even former inmates simply through their voice.


The crime prevention scheme by the technology has been the most beneficial aspect of the product. The correction system today can monitor inmate communications and activities. It ensures that any prisoner talking over the phone is not planning any illegal activity. A significant percent of crimes and felons in the society has always been linked closely to crime within prisons. Most of these activities are sometimes communicated to people living in correction facilities. By assisting to locate people planning crimes, Securus has been at the forefront of criminal investigation and crime fighting.


Securus Technologies recently made public sample communication letters and communications received from jail officials and prison within the United States.  The comments eradicated specific references to counties, names, and states. In one report, one user noted that after completion of the biometric system installation, the prison facility has done proactive measures in monitoring contraband items in their premises.



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  • Kristina Brodie

    Testimonials from different people that work in correction facilities attest that the technology has advanced fighting crime. The comments came from officials that were trying to solve and prevent crimes within correction facilities. It seems far-fetched for custom coursework to have something common which everyone may be talking about.

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