EOS Lip Balms otherwise known as the Lip balm company “Evolution Of Smooth” is quite possibly the largest lip care product in terms of popularity and originality. Beginning their crusade for a positive change in the beauty industry back when Chapsticks and Blistex rocked the shelves to a dull roar, Craig Dubitsky felt bad for the lack of choice people were subject to when they went in to a drug store to do the healthy thing in searching for a lip care product to rejuvenate their lips in hopes of keeping them from getting cracked and chapped in less than ideal weather conditions. Dubitsky wanted to make a change, but that wasn’t what separated him from the rest of the world, because everyone wants to make a change. The difference is that Craig Dubitsky didn’t just sit at home thinking about how he could make a better product, no, instead he got up and did something about it and now he is known as the founder of one of the most highly acclaimed beauty companies that focuses primarily on lip balms. I’m sure that today there’s not a single soul who has never had the pleasure of seeing these colorful EOS lip balm orbs of individuality covering the shelves at their local Walmarts and Walgreen’s and Ulta (http://www.ulta.com/brand/eos) which they started in almost instantaneously upon Dubitsky meeting with some of the best and brightest to come up with the clever idea of a ball that would be harder to lose, reminiscent of a more hygienic version of the early 2000’s gloss buckets. He put great thought into the concept of EOS Lip Balms, deciding that he wanted something simple to connect with the customers and instill a level of confidence that had previously been foreign in the field of lip care products he gave the industry new life.

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