Shea Butter has so many benefits that it’s a great product to have in your household. There are many different conditions that people have that can be helped with Shea Butter. Here are some conditions that can be helped.


One condition that can be helped with Shea Butter is Psoriasis. This is a skin condition that produces dry and flaky skin. It can be really bothersome and very itchy. By applying Shea Butter every day to the affected areas this can alleviate the dryness.


Another condition that can be helped with Shea Butter is a sunburn. Sunburns are when the skin gets too much exposure to the sun and it turns the skin red. This causes the skin to burn and is very painful to touch. By applying Shea Butter individuals can help eliminate the pain because it helps to sooth the burning skin.


Shea Butter can help with pregnancy. Individuals that apply Shea Butter on their stomachs will get less stretch marks than those that do not. Shea Butter can also reduce nasty stretch marks from previous pregnancies.


Lastly, Shea Butter can help with Eczema. Eczema is a terrible disease that causes inflammation of the skin. Shea Butter is naturally an Anti-inflammatory. Shea Butter includes a lot of different ingredients that combat the affects of Eczema. These great ingredients include Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and Cinnamic Acid.


If you are looking for a great brand of Shea Butter products then you should check out EuGenia Shea. This brand offers a lot of different products for many of the conditions listed above. They offer products for pregnancy, Psoriasis, Eczema, and more.


EuGenia Shea is a family owned business devoted to producing top quality shea butter, that believes it should help it’s workers to get a decent wage. EuGenia Shea gives it’s female workers 15% of their profits so that they can go to school. If you want great products then check out EuGenia Shea.

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