The Unique And Diverse Career Path Of Andrew Rocklage

Sky Zone Trampoline Park

Andrew Rocklage attended the prestigious Law School at Suffolk University and studied at the Isenberg School of Management. When it comes to his career as a businessman and an attorney he is the opposite of typical. His focused interest in the world of business has built his reputation in the Boston area.

Andrew Rocklage currently operates and owns the Sky Zone Trampoline park. Due to the trampoline park’s innovations it has become not only incredibly popular but one of the finest parks in the country.

Andrew Rocklage has an instinctive and in-depth understanding of the business scene in Boston he attained when he began running a business of his own. Since he realizes how important customer service is in building his brand and his business he has developed several inventive solutions. He started by first screening and then employing team members with a lot of talent. Their ability to interact with the customers at the Sky Zone Trampoline Park location is a critical component of his success.

His team is a large part of the reason customers are raving about how helpful the employees are and their friendliness when they visit Andrew  trampoline park. He has an instinctive talent in locating employees with talent and works with them until the potential in his employees begins mature. Every appearance indicates his success in the world of business is going to continue.

Andrew Rocklage has a lot more experience than that of his business pursuits. The work he has done for EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals as their corporate council has been invaluable. The experience he has gained in the sector of technology is extensive and has been a contributing factor in him becoming an innovator.

Andrew has incorporated all the experience he gained in the legal field with his strategies for business making him an incredibly strong force in the local market.

The chances of Andrew Rocklage continuing his pursuit of professional and challenging pursuits is highly likely due the career choices he has made since he graduated from Law school and business school. His choices have been interesting and quite successful in his career. Although he has chosen to stay close to the Boston area during his period of professional development Andrew Rocklage has additional interests.

He enjoys traveling, has a willingness in regards to meeting new people, and a passion for new places. The odds are excellent he will be launching another venture in the business world but the question is where it will take place.

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