Securus Technologies: Preventing Crime, One Cell Phone at a Time

Prison Communication

I recently learned about a pretty niche technology company called Securus Technologies. The company’s goal is to defeat crime one cell phone at a time. The company has several different technology platforms and most are aimed at making our prisons and correctional institutions safer in today’s technological world. For example, Securus has a Wireless Containment Solution that can keep cell phones from connecting to unauthorized wireless networks.


Cell phones are being smuggled into prisons the same way drugs used to be. They are becoming a real problem, as they can offer inmates contact with unauthorized people in the outside world. Securus Technologies also works with thousands of correctional facilities throughout the United States and Canada to provide phone call monitoring services.


In a recent article I read testimonials about specific instances where cell phone monitoring had prevented crime. In one instance the call monitoring technology from Securus was able to capture calls of a prison employee speaking to inmates and people outside. The goal of the calls was to smuggle in drugs and other contraband items. Thanks to the monitored call, an arrest warrant was issued and the smuggling stopped.


In another instance, call monitoring captured a phone call between two brothers. One was inside a correctional facility. He was calling his brother to urge him to provide a fake alibi for the time of the crime he was being accused of. The brother accepting the call outside the correctional institution had never been in trouble. If he had have provided a fake alibi he could have been jailed as well. Thanks to Securus’ call monitoring services, the prosecutor used the recorded call during the trial and was able to receive a conviction.


Cell phones can be incredibly dangerous when they fall into the hands of people who are supposed to have limited access to the outside world. Securus Technologies is working to control that problem.

Securus Technologies Unite with Allies

Prison Communication

We need to promote companies who not only use their products to make money, but also use their products to make our world safer. This is one form of the growing movement of social entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurship, as I define it, is the world view that businesses should also be contributing to society. Securus Technologies is an American for-profit Business the also believes in making a world more safe


Founded in 1986, they are now the nation’s largest provider of civil and criminal technologies, products used for investigating, correcting, and monitoring inmates, and creating solutions to increase public safety.


They started their company in Dallas, Texas. However, as more than twenty four hundred facilities in America hired them, as well as two thousand facilities in Canada, they were forced to expand to Allen, Texas, Carrollton, Texas, and ultimately, Atlanta, Georgia.


The passion that drives them the most is to decrease crime that prisoners inflict upon other prisoners. One reason that these crimes happen, is that prisoners are not monitored correctly inside correctional facilities. Securus Technologies came to the conclusion that if they were to monitor the prisoners, they would need some way of doing it.


Securus Technologies then decided to give all prisoners cell phones that they themselves made. This allowed guards in the prison to detect crimes and investigate them prior to happening.


Securus Technologies then saw a dramatic decrease in crime in those facilities who use their products. Being encouraged, they decided to create more products to increase safety in correctional facilities. They dedicated over 600 million dollars to producing these technologies. Because of this, Securus Technologies now creates a brand new product every single week.


Seeing their success, the Harris Corporation approached them for a multimillion-dollar deal. Both businesses are now worth over a few billion dollars.


Reasons Securus Technologies is Vital Inside Prison

Prison Communication

Me and my fellow police officers have to rely on several resources inside the prison to maintain a degree of order. If we did not take care of business each day, the inmates would simply take control of the prison and do anything they liked. Many people are often surprised when they hear how easily an inmate can get a weapon, cellphone, or drugs into the jail. These inmates brag about how it is actually easier than when they were on the streets, and this is a complete failure on the parts of my staff.


To combat this issue, we go to great lengths each day to take a proactive stance, and we do this in a number of ways. Every day the inmates are to meet with guests, we do searches of the guest, monitor interactions between the two, and search the inmates before they are allowed to leave the center and go back to their cells. We have drug-sniffing dogs who are used to search inmate cells for anything that should not be there. We have officers who open the mail to make sure these inmates have not developed a new way to get drugs inside.


Once we became familiar with the LBS software for the Securus Technologies inmate call monitoring system, we had yet another resource to help us maintain a degree of safety inside our facility. This company already has the same monitoring system in thousands of prisons, and their entire workforce of 1,000 employees are dedicated to making the world that much safer.


Now if the inmates are talking on the phone about using drugs, we take action. If they are trying to get an illegal cellphone in the jail, we can intercept. No matter how they try, the LBS software picks up the conversation and alerts officers.


Customers Attest that Securus Technology has helped fight crime

Prison Communication

Securus Technologies has been a global leader in the communication systems field. The company provides its services to inmates for communication through phone calls. The company has set up an intricate communication system that many facilities have found incredibly useful. The monitoring services provided by the company has been especially important in fighting crime across different correction facilities in the United States.


The new program by Securus known as Investigator Pro 4.0 has been highly praised by its customers worldwide. Multiple customer testimonials have indicated the satisfaction people have had with the product. Investigator 4.0 is a biometric software which allows one to search for a particular voice. It helps to identify potential criminals and even former inmates simply through their voice.


The crime prevention scheme by the technology has been the most beneficial aspect of the product. The correction system today can monitor inmate communications and activities. It ensures that any prisoner talking over the phone is not planning any illegal activity. A significant percent of crimes and felons in the society has always been linked closely to crime within prisons. Most of these activities are sometimes communicated to people living in correction facilities. By assisting to locate people planning crimes, Securus has been at the forefront of criminal investigation and crime fighting.


Securus Technologies recently made public sample communication letters and communications received from jail officials and prison within the United States.  The comments eradicated specific references to counties, names, and states. In one report, one user noted that after completion of the biometric system installation, the prison facility has done proactive measures in monitoring contraband items in their premises.