How the New Brunswick NJ Investigators Tracked Perpetrators of the Quincy Shooting.


Once in a while, the Pizza suppliers often get prank calls for pizza orders. It is common to witness teens, college’s students or even at times adult. There are times when the pranks cost the supplier the cost of the pizza as well as the wasted gas. It is a bitter reality that the pizza suppliers have to cope with on daily basis of the business.



One thing that it is not in the job description of the pizza deliverer is the being attempted to be robbed while delivering the pranked pizza order. This was the case that transpired on the November 20th, 2012, when a delivery driver in Brunswick, he encountered a group of a gang at the N building of a housing complex located on the Quincy Circle in New Brunswick, NJ.



The driver was going back to his car when he met with a trio who told him that they had actually ordered the pizza. The driver discovered that the gun had a handgun that was aimed at his forehead. The suspect who was holding the gun demand the driver give them his wallet, cash as well as pizza. Though the driver complied with all their demands, he was shot while being relieved of the pizza and personal property. The gang of three fled to the nearest parking lot.



According to the witnesses, they said that the gang fled in an old model minivan afterward. The police used this information together with pinging cell towers in the nearby vicinity of the crime area to find one of the individuals who was part of the gang. Parysh Wood also known as P-Gun or Pistol was aligned in court and charged with the on November 2012 criminal incidence while he was in Middlesex County Jail on the unconnected charges of robbery other that the pizza drive robbery.



Several numbers of pizza delivery robberies that add up to nine and covered several cities that began in the Mid-November 2012. Police are of the opinion that a woman identified as Justina Hampton who was arrested in the connection of the robberies, participates in the crimes by calling pizza delivery services for the pizza orders. These calls are what the criminals used to allure the unsuspecting drivers into an ambush. At the same time, the investigators were investigating other people of interest at the time when it became publicly known incidence, through the help of website such as Brunswick Today as well as Brunswick Path.