Norka Luque Featured on the Latino Show Magazine as a Legend

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The new air of positivity has rocked her world. For this reason, she has all it takes to pursue her dreams with the necessary motivation. Norka is a legend. While she was still a child, she knew that music was her destiny. Norka had nothing to believe other than music. She had the talent. Whenever she was faced with a challenge in life, singing would console her at all times. Music became her best companion. For this reason, music was a friend in need. According to Norka, her story is full of inspiration. She has the necessary motivation required to fulfill her dreams in life. According to her dictionary, the word impossible does not exist. Therefore, she has to excel in whatever she does. When it comes to achieving, her mind has unlimited resources.


Norka is a well-known artist based in Venezuela. She has made a name through her music full of hope. For what she feels, the world needs hopeful songs rather than the rhythm. She wants to create a life-long impact on the population. While she was still a child, she discovered her talent in music. For this reason, she stuck clear to her goals. A message full of hope was the only thing she wanted her music to contain. To this day, she has lived with this idea.

While she was studying the standard curriculum, she went for evening music classes to study music. Piano and flamenco were her favorite. However, she also studied vocals as a way of fulfilling music schemes.


When she graduated from high school, Norka went on to study Business Administration at a local university in France. She also studied Culinary Arts to develop her skills in the view of the world as a musician. She understood that she was an object of hope. While in the country, she knew she had to stick to her music. This as the best way to remind her of the future that lies ahead of the channel. She made every effort including joining a local band Bad Moon Rising. She got an exclusive opportunity to sing as a soloist. They attended numerous nightclubs for entertainment. However, the people did not appreciate talent. She went back to the United States to meet with the legendary producer Emilio Estefan.


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