Nationwide Title Clearing is Facilitating the Drastic Growth of the Real Estate Sector

Mortgage Industry

Nationwide Title Clearing is a privately owned financial institution whose headquarters are in Palm Harbor, Florida. This company provides services such as assignment of mortgage, document & title policy retrieval, collateral file audit, land records research & reporting, and indexing. Nationwide Title Clearing is unique in the sense that it conducts its operations with utmost transparency, accuracy, and can accommodate sudden changes.


NTC launches a comprehensive Assignment Verification Report


NTC recently launched an Assignment Verification Report (AVR), AVXpress. AVXpress is a summarized form of AVR without a keyed report. According to NTC’s chief executive officer, John Hillman, this streamlined report is an indication of the company’s effort to provide quality services and products to customers. AVXpress contains an assignment record on target mortgage, mortgage/deed of trust, corrective assignments registered in the mortgage chain, and lost assignments affidavits. Additionally, it contains all recorded rescissions about any transfers or releases found against the mortgage. This report by NTC serves to improve the real estate business.


NTC’s employee training program


To perfect their service provision, Nationwide Title Clearing introduced a workforce-training program. When this company began the training, it encountered serious media scrutiny, in particular by the Forbes and R Magazines. Fortunately, these media platforms agreed that investing in the company’s employees translates to increased revenue. The R Magazines pointed out that spending at least $1500 on training one staff results in a 24 percent growth in profit margins. Since its inception, the training has covered over 2300 industry-related courses. Over 300 employees have been trained and 210 are still engaging in advanced training. CEO Hillman has reported a vast improvement in the quality of services rendered by his staff. The courses offered at NTC include advanced online research, document identification training, document retrieval specialist, file audit & remediation, and advanced property reports preparation.


Careers at Nationwide Title Clearing


This company hires talented and passionate individuals. Upon employing their staff, this firm ensures that their workforce undergoes regular training. This developmental training is conducted to make sure that employees are on par with this NTC’s objectives and goals. Employees are guaranteed a comprehensive insurance cover 60 days they are employed. NTC’s employees have access to paid holidays and PTOs after three months of employment.


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