Nick Vertucci, the Self-Made Real Estate Investing Educator


Many people look up to Nick Vertucci as far as real estate teachings are concerned. His hard work and the never giving up spirit has brought him the success he enjoys today. He is among the very few people who started their journey on the ground and worked themselves up. Nick believes in the beauty of holding the hands of people who wish to succeed and walk with them through the journey. It explains why he found NV Real Estate Academy with the aim of assisting people who want to experience breakthroughs in real estate investing.

One would be mistaken to think that Nick’s journey has been a walk in the park. He attributes his first fortune to a critical technology firm that went under at the time of Dot Com bubble burst. Nick Vertucci has been through what one would describe as frustration after frustrations. As if his first fortune ceasing to exist was not enough, his closest partners stole his second one. His breakthrough was not miles away though. He focused on building his third fortune which he based on integrity and passion – real estate investing.

Among the things that students of Nick Vertucci learn, include;

  • Ways of flipping houses where they live.
  • Practical methods of locating properties with the potential to generate positive cash flow.
  • Finding real estate professionals and networking with them.

His students at the NV Real Estate Academy have the privilege to hear and learn from his proven strategies as far as creating a real estate empire is concerned. They are also lucky to learn about the mistakes he made along the way, and in turn, learn to avoid them altogether. Nick Vertucci and his team are passionate about guiding their students on the path to success in real estate investing but above all, the one virtue they hold is integrity.

Igor Cornelsen Tips to Marking Great Investments


Igor Cornelsen is a well-known investment entrepreneur actively involved in many commercial projects. He currently provides his services through his company, Bainbridge Investment Inc which is located in the Bahamas. The firm deals with identifying possible investment opportunities after which they design long-term investment opportunities for other companies. The firm also recognizes and tracks investment strategies to help collect analyst data for investors. He has gained a lot of experience over the years. After attaining his economics degree from a state university in Parama, he began working as an investment banker. He has worked in various positions including being a board member at the London Chartered Merchant Bank.

As an investment guru, Igor Cornelsen has a few suggestions to new investors. Firstly, he recommends they invest in lower performing markets. Cornelsen experience in the different companies Cornelsen has worked in helped him to get a better understanding of the market. During his career, he would invest in companies that were located in developing countries. These countries had to show significant growth and potential. After investing, he would follow keenly, and once the business was performing positively, he would sell the stock. This meant that he was buying low and earning more from the investment.

Igor advises investors to do enough research on new markets before putting their money on any project. He believes it is necessary to conduct personal research instead on relying on information from other individuals.

It is also essential for an investor to understand the laws governing various financial markets in the country they intend to invest. Different countries have different economic laws, which might significantly affect the project in question. Igor Cornelsen also believes investors should be keen to understand the country’s currency. This is because some currencies have significant fluctuations and could end up causing the investor substantial sums of money.

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