A Review Of The Self-Made Entrepreneur And Philanthropist, Marc Sparks

Blue Jay Wireless, GlobalTec Solutions

Marc Sparks is a successful venture capitalist and entrepreneur. As a businessman, Marc runs many companies. The self-made businessman is the head of Timber Creek Capital. He has established multiple ventures that have gone on to become successful firms.

Marc’s strong faith in God has contributed positively to his achievements in business. His positive attitude has also helped him to navigate through the toughest moments. He received his high school Diploma in 1975. Marc went on to create many startup businesses.

Through sheer determination, Marc has accomplished great feats in a number of industries, including telecommunications, real estate, and capital investments. He has maintained ownership, purchased, and sold multiple firms, including Timber Creek Capital.

Marc offers various services such as legal and accounting, office space, and capital, through the private equity firm. Marc operates GlobalTec Solutions, which gives decision and analysis different products.

In addition, Marc manages one of the biggest media marketing services globally, Splash Media. The company focuses on SEM, SEO, video production, along with programming services. He has run the firm since 2004. Marc has also managed Reliant Healthcare, a healthcare management firm, which is physician sponsored.

It specializes on inpatient rehabilitation as well as healthcare operations. Sparks is affiliated with other companies, including Blue Jay Wireless, Cardinal Telecom, Uncle Marc Food Delivery, Agency Matrix, and Boxstar LLC.

In 2014, Marc published ‘They Can’t Eat You.‘ Through this book, Marc shares his experiences in the world of business. The inspiration behind writing and publishing this book was his passion to share his skills and knowledge with the public.

He was also convinced by his colleagues to publish the book in order to reach out to as many people as possible. Sparks notes that the book is aimed at entrepreneurs that are having a difficult time actualizing their dreams.

With They Can’t Eat You, Sparks hopes entrepreneurs can learn more from his unsuccessful businesses and the ones that performed well. So far, the book has been a best seller. It has motivated many individuals to venture into business through the various tips that it offers.

Additionally, Marc Sparks advises entrepreneurs on the different ways that they can improve their presentation. He provides insights on the things venture capitalists like him look for in a presentation.

To make a successful presentation, Marc points out that an entrepreneur using visuals should make a point with each visual. Moreover, they should support their product with data. Noteworthy, the whole team should make the presentation. The information should be kept simple.

Marc’s passion in business and assisting entrepreneurs also extends to charity. He is well known for supporting different charitable initiatives in the community.

He is passionate about helping the disadvantaged members of the society. Marc has dedicated his resources to several philanthropic efforts, including Habitat for Humanity and The Samaritan Inn.