How Orange Coast College has succeeded in its Recycling Program

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For more than 45 years, Orange Coast College has been operating a recycling center. The center is made to recycle materials such as aluminum cans, scrap metals, newspapers, and plastic bottles. Other materials such computer monitors, televisions, fluorescent light bulbs, household batteries, and fax machines are also recycled. The firm does not accept the hazardous waste, furniture, chemicals, and paints. Learn more:


Sixteen months ago, the firm sought to expand its recycling center making it larger than its predecessor. A budget of $7.5 million was considered enough for the project. The facility occupies an area of 5 acres. It has a first aid room, conference room, offices, cleaning area, classrooms, and a parking space that can accommodate 45 vehicles.


According to the organization’s president, the firm has already created lots of jobs for youths and is deemed to be a long-term commitment. The company is an economic driver for this city and is expected to keep expanding in the next few decades based on demands. Eco-friendly materials have been utilized to manufacture the firm’s products such as solar tubes that are used for lighting purposes.


Orange Coast College


Orange Coast College was established in 1947 in the state of California. It is a community college that serves to improve the literacy levels in the area. The college offers tertiary education in the field of art and science. After the completion of a course, the learner is awarded the certificate of achievement. The school’s population size is roughly 24000. Learners have a lifespan of two years in the school and are eligible to transfer to other colleges and universities in due course.


Its size makes it the third largest college in the county. The college is situated at the Costa Mesa in Orange County. Orange Coast College was established courtesy of votes from the local people in 1947. The institution’s mission is to offer cheap education in all trades and impart the professional skills to the young people living in the area. The college can accommodate learners outside California as well. Since the college does not have internal boarding facilities, students who cannot commute are forced to hire a living place just adjacent to the institution. Learn more: