Southridge Capital And Their Stance On Social Responsibility


Southridge Capital was founded by Stephen Hicks back in 1996 and is a Connecticut-based private equity firm that is providing securities brokerage services and investment banking. The company offers advisory as well as structured finance for public companies, being dedicated to help their diverse group of clients meet their financial needs by providing a full spectrum of financial solutions. Since being launched in 1996, Southridge invested $1.8 billion in companies across the world, financing more than 250 companies.



Southridge Capital is also active when it comes to social responsibility, demonstrating it through formal and informal philanthropy. Stephen Hicks alongside his wife launched Daystar Foundation, which supports a number of charitable organizations, by committing time and monetary resources. Southridge Capital and Daystar Foundation provided financial support for organizations such as LounsBury House, Bradford Peterson Memorial Scholarship Fund, the Bridgeport Rescue Mission, Save a Child’s Heart Foundation, and many more. Stephen Hicks pointed out the fact that through the Daystar Foundation, Southridge has been involved in charitable giving for decades, and that supporting meaningful causes is a personal mission as well as a social and corporate responsibility. The CEO noted that they hope to make significant impact in the lives of people, and to offer an example of what giving back could accomplish. Check out




In a recent interview, Stephen Hicks, the Chief Executive Officer and founding principal at Southridge Capital, talked about certain aspects of the company’s beginning as well as current trends. Mr. Hicks has been active for more than 30 years in the investment industry, and has experience in areas such as investment banking, financial structuring, risk arbitrage, and derivates. He holds a B.S. degree in Business Administration from King’s College, and an MBA earned from Fordham University. For more details visit Bloomberg.



Stephen Hicks notes that the idea of Southridge Capital came to him while he was in New York working for a small hedge fund. When the principal decided to wind down the operation and return to Australia, Hicks decided to start an operation of his own while still working in New York. When asked about current trends that excite him, Stephen Hicks pointed towards pot and cryptocurrency.


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AvaTrade Review Shows Company Provides Reliable Trading On All Levels

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A recent AvaTrade review indicated nothing but positive input from clients who are beyond pleased with the results they have received since using the popular broker. AvaTrade client review feedback indicates that customers are well pleased with every aspect of the firm and that they would recommend – or already have recommended – AvaTrade to others.


As with any such business, and especially one that offers money-saving deals and offers, there is of course always speculation as to whether or not the entire thing is a scam of some kind. Along with client verification and an independent AvaTrade broker review, the validity and integrity of AvaTrade are above reproach. Along with validation from clients themselves, the company is overseen by a number of the top regulatory authorities in Europe, including the Central Bank of Ireland. AvaTrade is also fully registered with Spain’s CNMV.


Unlike the majority of brokers, AvaTrade does not charge trading commissions. They provide highly competitive spreads and they are admired and well-respected among traders worldwide. One aspect that works very well in AvaTrade’s favor is that it is an Irish broker. Comments and reviews left by traders indicate that dealing with an Irish trader gives them an added sense of security and confidence. Forex and commodities, who provide the majority of CFD for stock shares, hail from Cyprus. Traders are quick to point out that there is absolutely nothing wrong with this, they simply feel a bit more secure dealing with a broker that is backed by the Central Bank of Ireland.


Traders are also pleased with the fact that Avatrade charges no commissions, meaning the only costs incurred are spreads. Another point in its favor is that AvaTrade permits CFD trading on Bitcoin. AvaTrade also provides a variety of trading platforms for its clients’ convenience. Along with MetaTrader 4, AvaTrader has its own proprietary platform called AvaOptions. AvaOptions provides Over The Counter, or OTC, trading, along with puts and calls.


Founded in 2006, AvaTrade set its sights on educating people so that they could learn to trade with confidence. The company placed the client first, always focusing on its central values of innovation and integrity. Avatrade’s mission from day one has been to assist traders on all levels in achieving their full potential.


AvaTrade has more than 200,000 registered traders worldwide who are involved in over 2 million trades per month. Avatrade is available 24 hours a day, 5 days per week, with service in 14 languages for suctomer assistance and convenience.

Bob Reina Guides Talk Fusion to 10+ Years of Success

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Talk Fusion has become such an ingrained part of the digital workforce that most people take it for granted. However, it took a leap of faith from CEO and founder Bob Reina in order for the company to find the success that it is now embracing. Talk Fusion is one of the most prominent video marketing and communication solution companies son the internet today and it all almost never even existed. Learn more:


Bob Reina had been working as a police officer for an off-clock gig when he was approached by someone who worked in the network marketing community. This was Reina’s first exposure to the concept and he calls it a pivotal moment, his ‘aha moment’. Reina learned then and there, and keep in mind this was 15+ years ago, that there was a path to becoming your own boss that could involve creating solutions to problems that people had. This moment would be the seed that would eventually blossom into the Talk Fusion company that we know of today.


Reina’s work has always been about providing solutions to marketing problems and he knows first-hand that these solutions actually matter. Reina had at one point in time been shopping for an email client that would allow him to directly embed videos for people to watch in their inbox. His thinking was that this would increase viewership (and he was right) however no client had that on offer. So he went ahead and made the Video Email application and that would become Talk Fusion’s leading marketing suite. Now, a decade later, people are still utilizing this application to reach out to potential customers and clients and make a difference in their businesses. Learn more:


Still, Talk Fusion hasn’t rested on the laurels of a single piece of success. Reina never had a slow period with Talk Fusion and it was due in large part to his excitement and his ambition to always push the envelope and develop something new. Reina says, “We developed a game changing product at Talk Fusion, so our excitement instantly started making waves.” This, of course, has become the bedrock of Reina’s approach to business. Learn more: