The OSI Group Is One Of The Top One Hundred Food / Beverage Companies In The United States

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Providing food for people to eat has grown ever more complicated in the contemporary world. Whereas once people were once largely farmers, today people around the world are mostly removed from the sources of the food they eat. They rely on others to help them get access to top quality food items. This is one of the reasons why employees at OSI Group do what they what they do. They know that their clients count on them to offer high quality items each day that are also tasty and safe to consume. They know that clients across the country can work with them to make sure that their own clients have a variety to pick from to find food items they like to eat. This is why they have only seen their business grow in recent years as clients have learned to turn to them again and again. Since they opened, they have only see the business grow and expand as employees and managers have developed a great partnership that serves all involved.

Over a Century of Excellence

The OSI Group was created over a century ago. Otto Kolschowsky opened up food market in a suburb of Chicago. Since that time, his vision has only grown. He and his sons offered high quality meat for sale at wholesale prices. His clients became aware that this was a great place to look for when it came to finding the kind of meat they wanted to serve their own clients. The entire Chicago area became a place where those at the OSI Group could find high quality items. Business really took off once a new fast food company called McDonald’s choose the outlet to supply their beef patties. This led to vast expansion in the field and made it clear that the company was the ideal place to find the kind of quality necessary to feed large groups of people and do so effortlessly and easily.

Vast Growth

Executives at OSI Group still adhere to the original vision the founder offered. He knew that his clients wanted to make sure they would always have high quality items on hand at all times. Today, the OSI Group is one of the world’s leading suppliers of food products to important clients in various parts of the world. Chains such as Subways, Pizza Hut and Papa John’s Pizza rely on them to make sure that all the items they serve are perfect for the wants of their customers. Those at the company know they must rise to meet such challenges each day. They know that they help feed literally thousands of clients. Staying on top of the competition is a priority at all times along with providing quality control. It is this devotion to detail and willingness to met such challenges that has led this company to see such impressive growth. As officials here look to the future, they know they must continue to meet high standards in order to keep the company in good shape.


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