Rocketship Charter Schools Prepare Students For The End Of The 2017-2018 School Year

Charter School

Rocketship Education is a network of charter schools that started in San Jose California in 2007. They currently have locations in Nashville, Milwaukee and Washington DC in addition to their thirteen California bay area schools. Rocketship educates in a unique style.

There are three pillars that all Rocketship charter schools are built on. The first pillar is personalized learning. Each student learns at a different speed and level. Rocketship charter schools embrace each student as a unique individual that requires a specific educational plan to help them academically strive. The second pillar that Rocketship utilizes is talent development. Each student and staff member brings a unique set of talents to the educational table. It is important to embrace the specific talents of each educator and of each child. These talents can help the individual grow both academically and socially. The third pillar that Rocketship embraces is parent power. Parents are the best advocate for their children’s education. Rocketship encourages parents to be involved in their child’s education both inside and outside of the classroom. Parents who are involved and present in their child’s school will help to grow their child’s academic progress and the progress of the educational facility.

With the 2017-2018 school year coming to an end there are many ways that Rocketship students can prepare for the end of the year. Some students may have fallen behind in the beginning of the year due to absences or personal struggles. Rocketship encourages their students to come into the last half of the school year refreshed and eager to meet educational goals. Rocketship prides themselves on time management and adjusting personal goals to help students feel pride in their work. Students who work under a adjusted time frame will feel less stressed out over school work and will experience a sense of accomplishment when tasks are completed. The sense of accomplishment will create students who enjoy school work and completing goals. Students who learn how to work under time managed tasks can slowly take on more tasks. This type of mentality will create a child that is eager to learn and thrive in their educational environment. As the school year comes to an end Rocketship charter schools will continue to adjust to each student’s individual needs to provide quality education in a controlled and comfortable environment.