Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is the chairman of the board of directors for CAOA. CAOA is a company in Brazil which deals with making cars. The firm also deals with importing and selling of vehicles. The firm imports and sells Hyundai, Subaru, and Ford Car models. It also manufactures Tucson SUV models and HD trucks models. Additionally, it makes HR car models and iX35 CAR models. It has an automobile assembly plant located in Annapolis, the state of Goias.

From Medicine to automobile

Born in Joao Pessoa, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade started as a doctor. He practiced in the regions of North-East Brazil. In 1979, his interest in cars saw him become an entrepreneur, hence founding CAOA.

Origin of CAOA

The story of CAOA began when Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade bought a Ford Landau car model. Before the car could be delivered to him, the car firm was declared bankrupt. He took this as an opportunity to start his own automobile company. His proposal to take over the bankruptcy deal as a payback for his undelivered car became a reality. He named the company after his initials.

Different Brands

CAOA started as a car dealer with the Ford brand. The company’s steady growth saw it import the Renault brand from France. This came after the 1992 declaration by the Brazilian state to allow importation of cars. In 1998, CAOA’s started importing Subaru Brand from Japan. The deal was so successful such that the firm became the official importer of the Subaru brand of cars. A year later, CAOA took the lion’s share in the importation and selling of Hyundai model from South Korea.

More strides, more awards

In 2007, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade could not hide his pride in building an auto manufacturing firm. In a partnership with Hyundai, he opened CAOA Automobile S/A. Ten years later CAOA partnered with Chery to open CAOA CHERY. This firm prides itself in making 100 percent Brazilian car models. These achievements have made Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade’s CAOA firm a recipient of many awards. Some of these awards include Good Doer Company award, Most Admired Company Award and Distributor of the Year award.

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