Bradesco, one of the largest and most sought-after private banks in the country recently underwent a number of changes in management, owing to the retirement of the chairman of the company. The retirement was announced towards the end of last year, and quickly prompted a number of changes to the administration and executive board of the company. The company has had a long-standing tradition of only appointing members to the board who have been working with the company for a considerable amount of time. Bradesco is the kind of company that believes in upholding the strong values that they believe in. The company holds that their board and executives should be a reflection of all that they stand for, which is why this is adhered to.

Earlier this month, Bradesco finally made the announcement of their new CEO who will be replacing Luiz Carlos Trabuco, who served as the previous CEO to the company. This change emerged after Luiz was asked to step in as the chairman of the company. The new CEO of the company is Octavio de Lazari Junior who was also worked in the past with the company. Octavio has an incredible history with the company, having worked with it for over fifteen years. He has worked his way up the ranks, which is why he knows every facet of the company. Bradesco has an immense amount of faith in the capabilities of the leader who is going to lead this big of a corporation.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has also worked for an incredibly long time at the company but started out much earlier than Octavio. He started working at one of the branches of Bradesco in his city when he was still a teenager who had passed out of high school. He got a job as a bank teller after giving a test with Bradesco. He then worked his way up the ranks and started attaining better and better positions within the company. Before he knew it, he was serving as the CEO of Bradesco Seguros, which is the banking and insurance department of the company. Being a quick learner was something that greatly benefitted Trabuco in the ventures that he took on and the positions that he was given.


When working for Bradesco Seguros, Trabuco implemented a number of beneficial developments that improved the division of the company immensely. Seeing the improvements that he brought along to the company, he was then promoted and asked to take on the position of CEO of the main parent company. Having led a division of the company in the past proved to be incredibly beneficial for Trabuco since it helped him take on the role easily and without any qualms or worries.

When Trabuco took over as the CEO of the company, Bradesco stood as the second-ranking bank in the country. They had been number one in the past but had dropped because of new market players and unfavorable market conditions. When Trabuco started performing his duties, instead of focusing only on attaining the number one spot, he shifted the main focus of the company towards the kinds of services that they provide their customers with. He also increased the number of outlets in the country, thereby creating hundreds of jobs in different locations across the country.

After working at this goal for a short period of time, Bradesco started to see a rapid increase in customers who wanted to go in for their services over anyone else’s. The company, under Trabuco promptly gained its number one spot once again after the implementation of all these new measures.

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