Jeunesse Global’s Product Selection

Health and Beauty

Anyone who wants to improve their health and beauty regimen should invest in quality products. Over the past few years, the health industry has grown rapidly. More people than ever before want to improve their appearance.

Jeunesse is a small company within the health and beauty industry. However, it is a company that is growing rapidly for numerous reasons. There are many people who love using the products sold by Jeunesse. Not only are these products effective, but they are affordable for most people as well.

Beginning of Jeunesse

The founders of Jeunesse wanted to create a beauty company that could change the world. In the current industry, many companies attempt to increase profits by using inferior materials. This is not the approach that Jeunesse takes to production. Instead, Jeunesse uses quality materials from all over the world. This is one of the reasons why the beauty products are so effective.

Starting out in this industry was not easy for the founders of the company. There were times when it looked like it would be easier to simply quit and focus on other projects. However, Jeunesse is now a growing company that has a huge product selection.

Direct Selling

Another great aspect of Jeunesse is the fact that the company has a direct selling program. There are many people who are interested in increasing their income each month. Jeunesse offers customers the chance to purchase products at a wholesale price and sell them to other people. There are numerous customers who have started making monthly income through this program. This program also helps Jeunesse expand the brand name in the industry.

Future Plans

The leaders of Jeunesse have a lot of plans for the years ahead. As the company continues to grow, there will be additional capital to use for projects in the future. Jeunesse has a loyal customer base willing to spend money each month on beauty products. With the additional health products recently added, it looks like Jeunesse will continue growing in the years ahead.

Larkin and Lacey


If there is one guy you want to stay clear of Joe Arpaio or better referred to as former Sheriff of Maricopa, Arizona Joe Arpaio. Known as the bad ass Sheriff who took no bull in his jurisdiction it seems there was far more to his story.

Joe Arpaio has had 7 terms as Sheriff of Maricopa and seemed quite a public figure when supporting President Donald Trump during his election. As Donald Trump screamed about President Obama being born outside of the United States Joe Arpaio jumped on his back and supported the attack on President Obama’s birthright. Read more: Jim Larkin | and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

The fact that Joe Arpaio believed President Obama to be an illegal alien is just a speck of the reason he is such a public name. His profiling of Latinos and Hispanics within Maricopa is the real issue facing him.

Within his department the obvious misuse of force and power towards the large population of Spanish was quite well known. He had been getting away with this reprehensible behavior for far too long.

When the two executives who public The Phoenix Times, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin continued to publish articles that showed Sheriff Arpaio for what he really was the Sheriff’s anger got the best of him. In an effort to stop his bad press and flex his muscles the Sheriff arrested Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin without any clear reason.

They were frighteningly taken to seperate jails in unmarked cars with Mexican license plates. This sort of detainment for two executives seemed clearly strange and supporters screamed from the rooftops for their release. Thankfully Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were released the following day. Read more:

What could have been a quite retreat by the two executives really only lit their fire brighter. After winning a 3.7 million dollar settlement from Maricopa County these two executives started The Frontera Fund. They have decided to use the funds from their traumatic run in with Sheriff Arpaio to help the Hispanic and Latino people fight back against discrimination.

Sheriff Arpaio has since been pardoned by President Trump, no doubt for his support of the Trumps attack on President Obama’s place of birth. But now The Frontera Fund will be there because of the evil workings of Sheriff Arpaio.

So for all the ugliness that he has strewn throughout Maricopa County The Frontera Fund wants to clean it up. The idea that he won’t pay for his crimes is disheartening but comfort lies in the good that will come from The Frontera Fund.

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Michael Lacey

Nabors Industries Employee’s Participation In Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort Receives Support From Tony Petrello

Businessman, Philanthropy

Nabors Industries is well-known for its charitable contributions to the Texas community. The company is always giving back in various ways to help the community by using its resources and its employees. During the 2012, Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure, Nabor’s Industries was a Silver sponsor to raise the awareness of breast cancer.

After the Hurricane Harvey devastation, the employees stepped up to help along with their CEO Tony Petrello. Hurricane Harvey’s force came into the Gulf with such power that it leveled homes and displaced many families leaving them without any essential care items and necessities. The need within the recovery efforts was in high demand.

The 1,200 employees pulled together to raise small donations. CEO Tony Petrello became aware of their desire to help the community and accepted the challenge of matching each of their donations. With a matching donation, the employees were able to raise over $170,000 for helping those who were in need.

This type of contribution is not unprecedented for Tony. While in college, Tony established a bond with his Yale University mentor Professor Serge Lang, a renowned and respected mathematician. When Professor Lang passed away, Tony arraigned a $150,000 endowment fund honoring his mentor and subsequently matched an additional $150,000 that the alumni contributed.

Over the years, Tony has provided contributions to Aids research, homeless shelters, creative arts and supported education programs through scholarships. He founded the Petrello Family Foundation which provided $3 million in scholarships to the Houston youth aspiring them to attend higher education. Nabors Industries also has a mentor program in partnership with the Aldine Independent School District. As CEO, Tony is promoting passion for the next generation of leaders through education activities and programs.

Tony, and his wife Cynthia, were gifted with their daughter Carena who was born prematurely and with cerebral palsy. Carena is now eight years old. After the diagnosis, they found there wasn’t much access to neurological research in Texas. Their $7 million donation to Texas Children’s Hospital paved the way for the Jan and Dan Research Institute to be built. The research and testing facility is aiding in the advancement of developing treatment for neurological diseases.

As the highest compensated CEO in 2015, Tony’s contributions to the community are among his greatest achievements. Tony earned $27 million in 2015 which has been a great resource for being able to give back in ways that are at the core of his mission to serve the community.


Rick Smith: Making society a safer place

Business Management

Rick Smith – better known as the CEO of Securus Technologies, is a wise man with a wealth of experiences under his belt. Before he led Securus Technologies as its CEO, Smith worked multiple positions at Eschelon Telecom Inc including CIO, COO, and CEO. Smith was also the VP of Financial Management at Global Crossing, the CIO and President of Frontier Information Technologies, a VP at Midwest Telephone Operations and Network Plan’s Operations Director. Rick Smith is an alumnus of multiple prestigious universities. He graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology as an Associate of Applied Sciences in Electrical Engineering and from the State University at New York with a BSc in Electrical Engineering. He also holds a Masters in Mathematics from the State University of N.Y, Brockport, and a Masters in B.A from Rochester’s University. Smith’s resume is proof of the fact that he is an extremely talented and wise individual. Read more about Rick Smith Securus on

Securus Technologies is a for-profit prison technology company, established in 1986. Since its’ establishment, Securus has invested a grand total of $6 million and has grown by leaps and bounds – the company currently has approximately 1000 employees working for them. The organization provides civil and criminal justice technology solutions that help with improving public safety and modernizes the incarceration experience. Their HQ is located in Dallas and it works with more than 3,400 public safety, law enforcement, and corrections agencies throughout North America. Read more at about Rick Smith Securus.

Recently, Smith led Securus Technology to acquire JPay, an organization that deals with electronic payment, entertainment and educational related apps in the corrections field, in an attempt to increase the impact of the Securus footprint. Smith stated that this move helped the company force its way into the fastest growing segments in corrections – payments and inmate tablets, to name a few. He also commented that Securus is an admirer of JPay’s innovative operations. He went on further to state that the JPay’s-Securus combination would put the company in a position to offer anything high tech or software based for correctional agencies. Ryan Shapiro, JPay’s CEO, added that their focus is to “develop groundbreaking products to gain adoption on a massive scale” and with Securus’ backing and support, this is entirely possible. JPay operates as it did earlier; the only difference being Securus’ financial resources, which provide the company with a significant edge over the competition.

The work of Rick Smith Securus has had a life-changing impact over the years. This proof of this change and impact exists in the thousands of letters and emails the company receives from grateful consumers which specify that Securus Technologies has gone above and beyond in an effort to help keep society safe and has changed the lives of inmates and their families. With JPay and Securus Technologies joining forces, it looks like Rick Smith will continue to positively impact peoples’ lives and he won’t be stopping anytime soon.


Disaster-struck People of Central America are Facing the Heat of Trump Administration


In the latest development, disaster-struck people of Central American countries are facing the heat of Trump administration. Post-1998 hurricane in Honduras, thousands of people got temporary migrant status in the United States as the successive governments allowed them to continue in the U.S. soil.

But, per the latest developments, Trump administration is strongly voicing them to return to Honduras. In the earlier weeks of November 2017, Department of Homeland Security confirmed that it could not decide on extending the Temporary Protected Status of 57,000 Hondurans.

It is confirmed that DHS is planning to terminate the protections given to 2,500 Nicaraguans by January 2019. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

Now, it is confirmed that the people from Honduras may get maximum of six more months before Trump administration making a call on their case. It is generally perceived that their status could be terminated by the end of the period. The State Department reportedly recommended to pull out both people from Nicaragua and Honduras from the protection program.

Strangely, most of the migrants from these countries are in the U.S. soil for over a few decades. Considering the political and social conditions of Honduras, they are not deemed to return to their country. Instead, they might join the force of unauthorized migrants in the country.

The Temporary Protected Status option created in the year 1990 was considered as a humanitarian relief for long and saved the lives of thousands of people. Now, the vulnerable condition of the option is sending strong alarming signals to all the protected communities in the country.

The migrant rights issues are regarded as human rights as well as civil rights issues for long. Due to that reason, human rights groups protest and work against the policies that are exploiting or destabilizing the helpless migrants. The migrant and human rights groups campaign, raise funds, offer healthcare and legal assistance, and more to the migrants around the world.

Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund is an initiative established by prominent news reporters, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey. To set up the Fund, they used the settlement money received for challenging their arrests by Maricopa County Sheriff.

The journalists were arrested for reporting the news tracking instruction given by the Sheriff Joe Arpaio. But, the Court of Appeals freed both and granted a compensation of $3.75 million. Lacey and Larkin used the money to create Frontera Fund for helping human and migrant rights groups in the state of Arizona.

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Setting the Sales Trends with Fabletics


The contemporary fashion industry is characterized by dynamism, variety diversification, high velocity as well as a myriad of complexities. One of the companies operating in this challenging and peculiar industry is Fabletics which was founded by Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler in 2013. Fabletics merchandise includes women’s sportswear, footwear, and accessories which are also known as athleisure. The company’s success in this industry can be attributed to its e-commerce supply chain model.


It is common knowledge that enterprises take between 5-10 years for them to break even. Fabletics is a company that has shown a unique and a desirable pattern of growth with remarkable success. Foremost, as a relatively new entrant in the industry, where Amazon takes pride in 20% of the e-commerce market, Fabletics is coming up with world-class strategies at operational, tactical and strategic echelons of management to gain and attract new market shares. One of the strategy that this firm is using is the reverse showroom technique. This way, they have outwitted Amazon, and as and per now, Fabletics is all the craze in the fashion industry.


Fabletics is the commanding fashion industry due to its success in meeting customers’ needs and taste of fashion and fads and especially actors and other socialites. More so, the firm’s success is underpinned by the founder’s zeal to promote healthy living through availing products of superior quality yet at competitive prices.


To further boos the brand, the firm has pooled $250 million to fortify its portfolio. This will strategically enable them to compete favorably with Amazon. The company brand boasts of global presence as it has branches in United States, Canada, Spain, Germany, France Netherlands and the United Kingdom. By the end of 2017, Kate Hudson ought to have scaled up the fitness shops from 18 to 30.


Kate Hudson is described as a hands-on person who keeps abreast with latest fashions and design processes, an authentic team player. Hudson led a drive to make clear communication a priority. This way, Fabletics improved its customer service function, and ultimately they were able to match their demand with supply accurately. Such commitment to quality and customer service has made the company experience a three-digit growth. From a low 43% in 2015 to an amazing 644% in 2016. Finally, before you step in at Fabletics, take a lifestyle quiz, he honest with yourself when answering the questionnaire, this way; you will establish the best gear for you.

Nathaniel Ru Makes a Strong Connection to Healthy Conscious Consumers


Sweetgreen is changing the outlook of the fast food industry. People will not look at this as the same old or restaurant concept anymore. There have been other attempts to put fast food alternatives in place. Subway, at one time, may have been what people considered a health-conscious choice, but this was only a partial amount of the menu.

Many people would still overindulge in high calorie counts as Subway sold pizza and other large sandwiches that people could typically not restrain themselves from. As time went on Subway would simply become another high calorie count restaurant that only gave people a small look at the possibilities for eating healthy. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | LinkedIn and  Nathaniel Ru Blazes a Trail in The Height Food Industry | Affiliate Dork

It would take someone like Nathaniel Ru to change perspectives and give people something different. Sweetgreen would be the thing that serve as the new novelty when it came to eating healthy. No one knew that the restaurant would take off this fast, but it appears that Nathaniel Ru is holding on to a goal mind with the Sweetgreen franchise.

Investors have invested big, and more investors are still looking at the possibilities of what Sweetgreen has to offer. This has become the company that has evolved in a way that people just may not have ever considered for a fast food restaurant chain.

This has become a concept that has managed to thrive, and people that live in states that do not have Sweetgreen are envious of family and friends that live in states that do. This is just how much the Internet buzz has started to spread about this franchise that Nathaniel started in Georgetown.

This is great for Nathaniel Ru. This shows him that there are a ton of other opportunities to invest. He knows about the things that need to be done when it comes to healthy food, and he is making consumers crave something that they may have never assumed that they would crave before. This brings an excitement to a rather stagnant fast food industry.

So many people may have wanted to eat healthy and make changes in their lives, but many of them really had no real options to do this.

It would be Nathaniel Ru that would think outside of the box and reach out to those customers. He wanted people to take charge of their lives. Ru wanted to give them what they wanted. He wanted to make eating healthy cool.

Dr. Mark McKenna Uses Personal Practice to Save Lives

Businessman, Doctors

Mark McKenna is a licensed medical practitioner who capitalizes in surgery in addition to medicine. His experience roots from the Georgia and Florida Medical Examiners. Mark is passionate about advocating for community based projects. He has been instrumental in community development. Mark lived in New Orleans. He went to Tulane Medical School. He completed his medical training and started practice on in his father’s company. He was a huge contributor of McKenna Venture Investments. This is a firm that deals with real estate development. After launching the firm, he delved into entrepreneurship by joining Mortgage Lending, a firm that specialized in lending mortgage loans to home buyers. The portfolio of firms grew the employee base to more than 50 workers. The workers offered services in finance, design-build in addition to real estate deals.

Profile of Experience

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina affected people’s property in New Orleans. McKenna’s property was part of the destroyed property. The aftermath saw him participating in the recovery process of the lost property. He rebuilt New Orleans via developing low to moderate income property. This was his contribution to the destroyed property. In November 2007, he moved to Atlanta. Being visionary, he invested in ShapeMed. This is a medical practice that specializes in wellness and aesthetic medicine. In 2014, ShapeMed was acquired by Life Time Fitness. McKenna was a national Medical director at Life Time Fitness. His services ended in July 2016.


Dr. Mark McKenna started off on a new journey at OVME in July 2017. He was employed as the chief executive officer. This is a consumer based initiative that works with technology based and medical aesthetic. The major projects are based on reinventing the healthcare system. OVME is an idea that generated from previous projects that he worked on in aesthetic industry. With ten years experience, he was knowledgeable enough to establish a strong foundation that would control the company. He explains in an interview with IdeaMensch that he was inspired to by the need to better the industry through better, revolutionary projects. McKenna states that he realized there are several chances that would elevate the operating status of the medical industry.

Lori Senecal Exhibits Some Important Qualities of Leadership


Lori Senecal is the Global CEO at Crispin Porter and Bogusky, and if there is one thing she knows how to do very well it would be leadership. How did she become the recipient of such immense success? Senecal said she has to attribute it to the example her older siblings set for her.

Because she learned all about efficiency from her older siblings, by all accounts everything that Lori has a hand in has turned to gold. She started off with a degree in Sales and Marketing and was a top student. After that, she brought her talents to the working world with her first entrepreneurial endeavor, which was the creation of TAG Ideation, which is a unit that appeals to young adults across the globe. Check out Adweek to know more.

Even though her first introduction into the business world started with a bang, she was no one-hit wonder. Lori Senecal parlayed that experience into working into some of the world’s most family brands, including Nestle, Weight Watchers, Applebee’s, Molson and Sprint. Indeed, from 2005 to 2008 Lori had the enviable position of chief marketing officer of DDB Worldwide Communications Group. Check out Crunchbase to know more. Visit Crunchbase for more.

In 2015, Lori’s career culminated in being appointed as CEO of Cripin Porter and Bogusky. She truly had arrived, but if her past history is any indication she realizes that the hard word is not going to end. But that’s okay, because for a woman who regularly works 15 and 16-hour days it was understandable. Luckily for her, many of her associates realize the true diamond that is Lori Senecal.

According to Campaignlive, consider this as a conclusion: the woman has won a number of different awards during her tenure in the business world. She was awarded the Quantum Leap award in 2013 and she was considered by many popular magazines to be a “woman to watch” in the field of industry and advertising. Finally, just to cap it off this remarkable female entrepreneur was also awarded “The Most Creative People in Business” from Fast Company just this very year. Yes, the future continues to be extremely bright for Lori Senecal. Her business skills remain top notch, no doubt about it.

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The Great Contributions Of American Institute Of Architects

Architectural Group

The American Institute of Architects, popularly known as AIA, was established in 1857. The non-governmental organization brings together all professional architects in the United States. Under the good leadership of Robert Ivy, the current CEO, the membership to the organization has grown to above 90000. AIA has its head office are in Washington, D.C, US.

Membership of the Organization

The organization’s members are divided into five distinct categories. The architect members granted license to practice the profession by the United States licensing authority. Associate members work under supervision of a given body. They do not possess license. International Associate Members hold valid licenses beyond the US borders. The Emeritus Members consist of long-term serving members of the organization. Such members mostly offer advice and are rarely involved in direct participation in the field. Allied Members practice professions related to architecture including planning, engineering and building-design.

AIA has made significant advancements in its operations in the recent past. Its governance consists of the CEO, Board of Directors and more than 200 employees. Members are encouraged to reflect their services and deliver them with utmost care in order to sustain AIA’s brand.


Serving the Society

AIA has continued to provide high quality services to the American community. Through its highly competent architects, the organization has always been ready to help clients seeking for their services. They have involved the public in making decisions meant to offer best architectural results.

The American Institute of Architects closely works with the government of the United States to ensure quality constructions. Individuals and corporate are encouraged to access expert advice from any of the organization’s offices. Grab the opportunity for quality architectural designs/information for your next project.

Outstanding Performance

AIA has recently been in the headlines for its great achievements. The organization has scooped many awards due to its remarkable deliverables. Some of the notable recognitions include the AIA gold medal, and Architecture firm award just to mention a few.

Since its inception several years ago, American Institute of Architects has contributed much to the US’s construction industry. The organization is always working hard to better it services in order to meet the ever changing customer needs. The organization has a number of outreach programs aimed at encouraging developers to incorporate sustainability and utilize the environment in a friendly manner. Form its Washington D.C headquarters; AIA has maintained its focus on serving the entire American community.

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