Norka Luque Featured on the Latino Show Magazine as a Legend

Music, Music Artist

The new air of positivity has rocked her world. For this reason, she has all it takes to pursue her dreams with the necessary motivation. Norka is a legend. While she was still a child, she knew that music was her destiny. Norka had nothing to believe other than music. She had the talent. Whenever she was faced with a challenge in life, singing would console her at all times. Music became her best companion. For this reason, music was a friend in need. According to Norka, her story is full of inspiration. She has the necessary motivation required to fulfill her dreams in life. According to her dictionary, the word impossible does not exist. Therefore, she has to excel in whatever she does. When it comes to achieving, her mind has unlimited resources.


Norka is a well-known artist based in Venezuela. She has made a name through her music full of hope. For what she feels, the world needs hopeful songs rather than the rhythm. She wants to create a life-long impact on the population. While she was still a child, she discovered her talent in music. For this reason, she stuck clear to her goals. A message full of hope was the only thing she wanted her music to contain. To this day, she has lived with this idea.

While she was studying the standard curriculum, she went for evening music classes to study music. Piano and flamenco were her favorite. However, she also studied vocals as a way of fulfilling music schemes.


When she graduated from high school, Norka went on to study Business Administration at a local university in France. She also studied Culinary Arts to develop her skills in the view of the world as a musician. She understood that she was an object of hope. While in the country, she knew she had to stick to her music. This as the best way to remind her of the future that lies ahead of the channel. She made every effort including joining a local band Bad Moon Rising. She got an exclusive opportunity to sing as a soloist. They attended numerous nightclubs for entertainment. However, the people did not appreciate talent. She went back to the United States to meet with the legendary producer Emilio Estefan.


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Labaton Sucharow Helps Litigate Against Securities Law Violations


During the year of 2010, the congress of the United States made breakthrough legislation to better regulate the financial securities industry. The Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was passed to help individuals and businesses report unethical conduct committed by financial professionals and firms. One of the ways in which this new legislation has helped victims of misconduct is by introducing the whistleblower program. This particular program allows individuals and companies to use the services of a SEC whistleblower attorney. They will have the opportunity to pursue litigation and get compensation anytime they are looking to resolve a dispute. As well as getting representation from a SEC whistleblower lawyer, clients will also be able to report wrongdoing to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

After the Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was passed, the law firm Labaton Sucharow had more opportunities to help a number of new clients. This firm was already among the top securities litigation law firms in the nation and this law helped it prosper.  With his firm, a number of individuals and businesses will have the assistance they need to hold unscrupulous financiers and institutions accountable. Along with getting high quality legal representation, whistleblower clients will also receive numerous other forms of assistance during securities litigation cases. They will have the opportunity to take advantage of aid provided by investigators, forensic accountants and financial analysts.

Any individual or company that is looking to receive the services of Labaton Sucharow will want to take certain steps to make a successful case. One of the first things any whistleblower client will need to do is provide credible evidence of being taken advantage of by an unscrupulous financier. With this evidence, a lawyer will then have what they need to file for a suit. After filing suit, the lawyer will either get a settlement or take the case to trial. During a trial, the lawyer will represent the client and attempt to convince a jury that they deserve compensation due to being harmed by a predatory financial institution. If the case is won, the client receives compensation along with keeping their identity protected in order to stay anonymous.

Customers Attest that Securus Technology has helped fight crime

Prison Communication

Securus Technologies has been a global leader in the communication systems field. The company provides its services to inmates for communication through phone calls. The company has set up an intricate communication system that many facilities have found incredibly useful. The monitoring services provided by the company has been especially important in fighting crime across different correction facilities in the United States.


The new program by Securus known as Investigator Pro 4.0 has been highly praised by its customers worldwide. Multiple customer testimonials have indicated the satisfaction people have had with the product. Investigator 4.0 is a biometric software which allows one to search for a particular voice. It helps to identify potential criminals and even former inmates simply through their voice.


The crime prevention scheme by the technology has been the most beneficial aspect of the product. The correction system today can monitor inmate communications and activities. It ensures that any prisoner talking over the phone is not planning any illegal activity. A significant percent of crimes and felons in the society has always been linked closely to crime within prisons. Most of these activities are sometimes communicated to people living in correction facilities. By assisting to locate people planning crimes, Securus has been at the forefront of criminal investigation and crime fighting.


Securus Technologies recently made public sample communication letters and communications received from jail officials and prison within the United States.  The comments eradicated specific references to counties, names, and states. In one report, one user noted that after completion of the biometric system installation, the prison facility has done proactive measures in monitoring contraband items in their premises.



Marc Sparks cares deeply about the future


The business community is driven by extremely talented investors. The right investor can find amazing opportunities in almost any situation. For example, every year venture capitalists invest billions in new and exciting companies. Each company presents new and exciting ideas that can forever change the marketplace.

Marc Sparks is one of the top venture capitalists in the country and his work has forever changed the way that the world works. He has funded numerous brilliant companies, and he loves bringing these new ideas to the forefront.

Marc Sparks is a strong believer in the power of the funding process. This process is incredibly competitive, so only the best ideas come to the top. He wanted to use this process to help fund philanthropies throughout the world.

Recently, Marc launched Spark Tank, a new project that will help charities throughout the Dallas area. Spark Tank is an incredibly competitive process that looks to find the charities that will produce the most social good. During each Spark Tank funding phase, charities send in their written applications.

These applications give key details about the philanthropy so Marc and his team can make the best possible decision. Marc looks over each application, and ultimately he invites the three top charities to the final round.

The final round is incredibly competitive. Charities must make their case to a panel of judges. Judges can ask any question. At the end of the final round, one charity receives $5,000 to make their vision come true.

The Spark Tank project has already proven to be an extremely successful project, but Marc has several other projects to work on. Recently, Marc transformed his Timber Creek Capital office. The office will now be the ideal place for start-ups to transform into powerful companies.

The office is already attracting exciting start-ups and Marc is excited for the future of the company. Marc believes that the future is bright, but people have to invest in it. He loves his work, and he hopes to help start-ups throughout the world.

He hopes to keep the Spark Tank system going for many years to come, while still focusing on his own incubator program.

InnovaCare has new leadership

For Your Health

InnovaCare Health, which strives to coordinate quality and innovative care to patients across the country, is a leading provider of Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans. In addition to this, they are a provider of physician practice services. They are committed to providing quality healthcare with sustainable, cost-effective models, while staying integrated with advanced technology. The company operates two Medicare Advantage plans in Puerto Rico. Those plans are MMM Healthcare and PMC Medicare Choice, and their membership base includes nearly 200,000 individuals, who are serviced by a network of more than 7,500 providers on InnovaCare also manages two Medicaid plans within the Government Health Plan (GHP) of Puerto Rico, which offer broad coverage through a coordinated care model.

Throughout everything, patients are the highest priority. In this diverse healthcare setting, InnovaCare strives to coordinate quality and innovative care to patients across North America. Through their programs, they work to fulfill the mission of redefining healthcare management to meet the challenges of a complex healthcare environment.

Recently appointed as the chief administrative officer, Penelope Kokkinides has over 20 years of healthcare experience specializing in government programs (Medicare and Medicaid) and the managed care industry.

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Kokkinides has served in a number of executive roles, including executive vice president and chief operating officer for Centerlight HealthCare, where she was responsible for overall management and strategic direction of the managed care division.

President and CEO of InnovaCare Health, Dr. Rick Shinto has more than 20 years of experience in healthcare. He has worked as Director and Chief Medical Officer of several hospitals in the state of California. In addition, he has published many articles on clinical medicine. He is currently an active member of the California Association of Physician Groups, the Health Net Quality Improvement Council, and the PacifiCare Quality Improvement Committee. As Chief Executive Officer, he is responsible for administering two of its largest corporations: North American Medical Management (NAMM), with headquarters in California, and MMM Healthcare, Inc.

When Dr. Shinto joined InnovaCare Health in Puerto Rico in year 2006, his vision became our daily challenge: to fortify our relationship with providers and members through innovating strategies. The approach of Dr. Shinto is to continue exceeding Medicare Advantage quality service expectations while caring about the well-being of its members.

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Brazil’s President Temer Recently Signed A New Trade Agreement With The Chinese

Trade Agreements


Many economists say that the Chinese economy is on the verge of imploding. The Chinese say their economy is still growing by more than 6 percent a year, and that growth is better than any other country except India. China does have bank, real estate, and manufacturing issues, but the country is still the second largest economy in the world, and China is still a good trading partner. Brazil was hurt by China two years ago when the Chinese decided to scale back their imports from Brazil. But the new agreement that President Temer signed with the Chinese government will help Brazil’s export business in 2017. One of Brazil’s leading building material exporters is Eucatex. Eucatex has offices in China and in other Asian, European and North and South American countries. Eucatex export business with China has been soft over the last two years, but CEO Flavio Maluf is optimistic about the company’s future in the Chinese market.



Flavio Maluf is a seasoned exporter, environmentalist, philanthropist and business executive. Maluf is credited with turning Eucatex into a multi-million-dollar exporter that has a presence in home improvement stores in North America and Europe. Eucatex paint, floorboards, ceiling tile and varnish brands compete with name brand domestic products in those markets. Eucatex brands are price competitively, and they are known for their quality and effectiveness.



The history of Eucatex is a fascinating story, and all is told on their website. The company is the stepchild of a sawmill owned by the Maluf family. In 1954, the Americana Sawmill Americana, in the state of Sao Paulo, was a thriving business. The sawmill cut a large number of eucalyptus trees for customers, and the excess wood was taking up too much room in the factory. Flavio’s grandfather decided to use the excess wood to make a ceiling tile. The wood ceiling tile was inexpensive and durable, so Maluf offered it to his customers.



Today, Eucatex is one of the leading exporters of building materials, and Flavio Maluf is one of the most well-known environmentalists and executives in the country.  Learn more on LinkedIn.

Farron Bernhardt Becomes New CEO At The Manse on Marsh



Farron Bernhardt, the former vice president of Nevada Housing and Neighborhood Development’s senior living division has now been hired at an assisted living facility in San Luis Obispo, CA. The facility, Manse on Marsh is well-known for their friendly environment and high quality care providers. In fact, they have won the Caring Star award twice in the last two years for maintaining 5-star reviews and high user recommendations. Bernhardt recognizes the importance of this accomplishment and is honored to now be a part of the team. Owner Chris Skiff also spoke favorably of Bernhardt and likes the experience and knowledge that he brings to the team.


The Manse on Marsh provides care for seniors who can still live independently, but may need a little help along the way. As they age, sometimes tasks like cooking meals, lifting heavy objects, or driving vehicles become too difficult to do on their own, and family members can’t always be nearby to help out. That’s where assisted living facilities like Manse on Marsh come in and provide the support that seniors need in their daily lives. But it’s also very important that seniors don’t feel lonely or isolated, and the Manse on Marsh treats them like family and provides social activities for them so that moving from their own home into this assisted living home goes smoothly.


Residents can stay in studio apartments, or private housing if they prefer. There are features available such as room service and housekeeping, personal groomers, mail service, cable TV and internet, laundry, private kitchens, appliances, and emergency pendants in case immediate assistance is needed. There are also personal trainers that lead fitness and balance programs, and activities planners that can take residents on nature walks or even field trips. There is also public transportation for downtown shopping activities or medical appointments, and Manse on Marsh has also hosted events such as religious services and concert gatherings. Family and pets are always welcome at Manse on Marsh.  Find out if the facility is right for you by reading The Manse Blog, or even following their popular Twitter feed.


USMR, The Solution To Safe-Haven Assets.

US Money Reserve

Gold has been known globally as a true store of wealth from historical to current days. US Money Reserve (USMR) is a private distributor of the US and foreign government-issued precious metal legal tender products. The firm was founded in 2001 and over the years, it has over the years served over 300,000 customers. It has unique customer services, and the professionals involved establish long-term relationships with clients. The team behind the success of USMR is made up of professionals with expert knowledge and experience in the precious metal industry. The president of the firm Phillip N. Diehl is a former US Mint Director and the CEO Angie Koch has vast experience. The coin research and numismatic experts advise clients on products that have a high-profit potential. The customer satisfaction, ethical business practices and trustworthy traits have earned USMR an AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance.

With its headquarters in Austin, Texas, the firm endeavors to give customers peace of mind while making financial decisions. The staff offers clear and honest details when they want to purchase gold, silver and platinum products. What are the products offered by US Money Reserve? Bullion and certified gold coins are some of the products on offer. Gold bullion coins are a short-term hold, a precious metal in bulk and have a value tied to current market price. The most common bullion gold coins are the 22 and 24-karat gold with the famous coins being Gold American Eagles and Canadian Maple Leaf. Certified coins, on the other hand, are graded rare coins that offer long-term finance protection and are in high demand in the marketplace. The most popular certified gold coins are Ultra High Relief Gold Eagle and Burnished Gold American Eagles. Gold bars are products that are easier and cost effective forms of gold ownership.

Why should one own physical precious metals as a means to diversify assets? One of the reasons is because the highest graded coins have a great opportunity for growth. Gold is a recession-proof asset and is not affected by the global unrest, political instability or economic downturn. Precious metal legal tender products maintain value unlike the high risk of volatility for stocks, mutual funds and bonds. Gold is not at the mercy of government, and the same cannot be said of paper currencies which may face inflation thus, its worth diminishes. The value of gold continues to increase following its scarcity and increased demand around the world.

Thinking of protecting your retirement and savings, having IRA with physical precious metal is essential as one is protected from financial shocks. One can transfer an existing traditional IRA account into a gold and silver retirement account.

Conditions That Can be Helped With Shea Butter



Shea Butter has so many benefits that it’s a great product to have in your household. There are many different conditions that people have that can be helped with Shea Butter. Here are some conditions that can be helped.


One condition that can be helped with Shea Butter is Psoriasis. This is a skin condition that produces dry and flaky skin. It can be really bothersome and very itchy. By applying Shea Butter every day to the affected areas this can alleviate the dryness.


Another condition that can be helped with Shea Butter is a sunburn. Sunburns are when the skin gets too much exposure to the sun and it turns the skin red. This causes the skin to burn and is very painful to touch. By applying Shea Butter individuals can help eliminate the pain because it helps to sooth the burning skin.


Shea Butter can help with pregnancy. Individuals that apply Shea Butter on their stomachs will get less stretch marks than those that do not. Shea Butter can also reduce nasty stretch marks from previous pregnancies.


Lastly, Shea Butter can help with Eczema. Eczema is a terrible disease that causes inflammation of the skin. Shea Butter is naturally an Anti-inflammatory. Shea Butter includes a lot of different ingredients that combat the affects of Eczema. These great ingredients include Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and Cinnamic Acid.


If you are looking for a great brand of Shea Butter products then you should check out EuGenia Shea. This brand offers a lot of different products for many of the conditions listed above. They offer products for pregnancy, Psoriasis, Eczema, and more.


EuGenia Shea is a family owned business devoted to producing top quality shea butter, that believes it should help it’s workers to get a decent wage. EuGenia Shea gives it’s female workers 15% of their profits so that they can go to school. If you want great products then check out EuGenia Shea.

Michael Zomber, A True Renaissance Man


Michael Zomber has achieved success in many fields. Whether it’s filmmaking, writing, or film-making, Zomber has a knack for getting things done. One thing that unifies all of these fields is his interest in the samurai.

Zomber’s focus on Japanese history has informed many of his pursuits. The Bushido, or warrior code, of the samurai has informed several of his novels. Michael Zomber also has an extensive collection of antique samurai armor. He has a long-running relationship with the History Channel, working on shows including “Tales of the Gun.”

Although this fascination with warriors can sound like an affinity for violence, nothing could be further from the truth. Zomber respects the restraint and structure that are inherent in the Bushido. That is where the attraction lies. While the stories of warriors and their exploits are interesting to him, Zomber actually works for peace.

Along with his wife, Andrea, Michael Zomber is involved in several organizations that work to end war and de-escalate conflicts. Amnesty International, UNICEF, and Doctors Without Borders are among the organizations close to their hearts.

The Zombers formed a production company, Renascent Films, in 1998. The films they have produced include La Cucaracha, Literary Riot, and Soul of the Samurai. La Cucaracha achieved critical acclaim, and was named Best Picture at the Austin Film Festival.

Whether it is his novels, fiction-based films, or documentaries, Zomber is always successful at that. Educated at UCLA, he holds graduate and undergraduate degrees in History.