Ara Chackerian is a man of many interest. He is based in San Francisco, California and is well known in the medical field. Chackerian is also an entrepreneur and philanthropist who gets involved with community projects and public service issues. Ara made a name for himself by bridging the gap between technology and healthcare services. He is the board member of several different organizations that participate in health care, environmental projects and youth development.


Ara Chackerian has business ventures that stretch worldwide. He is currently running a teak farm in Nicaragua. The farm is an example of the ability to conduct operations while being friendly to the surrounding environment. Chackerian in his most proud of the fact that his farm is providing hundreds of well-paying jobs to the local citizens of the area.


Ara Cacjerian began to conduct research in the world mental health after it was suggested to him by a close friend. He began to develop outpatient Diagnostic Radiology centers. Ara has produced several of these centers throughout the Northern California area. He went on to pursue outpatient psychiatry. Cahckerian soon discovered that there was a great need for a method of treatment called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. TMS, as it is known, was highly successful. However, it was not accessible to a many patients in need. Chackerian believed that the TMS treatments would be an additional focal point to help those who suffer from depressive disorders. This works with medication and talk therapy.


Ara Chackrian’s investigation into the matter of TMS let him to discover that there were several complications with getting the treatment to those in need. Doctors explained that limited insurance coverage stifle there efforts. There were also obstacles in terms of finding technicians qualified to operate the equipment necessary to treat patients in need. Chackerian went on to form TMS Health Solutions as an answer to this problem. You can visit Medium to know more.


There are seven TMS facilities operating in the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento area. Each of the clinics are 3000 square feet and feature consult and TMS treatment rooms. Chackerian brought in a top-of-the-line designer to develop the facilities. The idea was to make the patients feel like they are in a more comfortable environment than the doctor’s office. Ara believed that it was important to address comfort since they are dealing with individuals who have psychiatric disorders. You can visit their Facebook page.


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