Alastair Borthwick passed away in late 2003 at the age of 90 years old and he will go down as one of the greats for his contributions and efforts for the Scottish community. Alastair was born in 1913 and he ended up growing up throughout Glasgow and Troon, though he was born in Rutherglen. After making his way into high school, Alastair ended up dropping out to get a job at the newspaper company when he was just a teenager. Alastair’s first job was as Glasgow Herald and although he started at the bottom, he managed to work his way up to an editor position for the business before ultimately focusing on different prospects.

By 1935, Alastair had begun working at the Daily Mirror, which he even had to relocate in order to get the position in London. Unfortunately for Alastair, he couldn’t stay in London so he had to give it up. He enjoyed his work, but the city life in London was difficult and Alastair didn’t enjoy it, so he returned to his former home. A few years later, Alastair had a book published which featured a collection of his work known as Always A Little Further. This book has been a best seller throughout Scotland for many years and features the outdoors as well as activities that people can enjoy in Scotlands vast open spaces.

More than just a writer, Alastair served in the military as an Intelligence Officer during the Second World War. According to, as part of the 5th Battalion, Alastair Borthwick ended up traveling all throughout the region, including France, Germany, Belgium and more. Alastair eve wrote about his times as an Intelligence Officer, recounting the history of the 5th Battalion and his personal unit, the Seaforth Highlanders. After the war, Alastair moved with his wife to Jura followed by Islay followed by Glasgow. Borthwick had many opportunities and went to help where he could. Throughout the 60’s, he produced more than 150 programs for Grampian TV.