Training To Be The Best Basketball Players Relies On Nutrition

Health and Wellness

Basketball is a sport that has never been lacking for a competitive nature. These days players and teams are looking to get advantages anyway that they can. Changing their eating habits to an Herbalife style meal plan is just one of the things athletes learn at what now known at the Herbalife IMPACT Basketball Center in Las Vegas.

The changing of the name of the center was not the only recent change The program has a couple of new sponsors in 13-year veteran Patrick O’Bryant who spent time playing for several teams including the Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors. A former coach, Tyronn Lue, who coached for Cleveland and played for the Lakers is also helping to promote the industry.

Over 200 players ranging from high school level through college have attended the program let by these coaches. The training teaches both physical and health approaches the players need to master the sport and maximize their performance. Changing your physical training was risky, but it appears to be succeeding.

Players come to the center to improve their skills by learning how to maintain their body weight despite the temptations being even greater than last year. Players start to learning to eat multiple meals a day instead of the traditional three meals a day. The coaches at the center teach the players positioning and some shooting before they face the high pressure to improve that they face when moving onto the college level.

Herbalife entering the professional sports arena is opening up more opportunities for it to reach athletes at a young level. Increasing the sale of it’s product to a brand new generation will help offset the unrevealed costs for sponsoring the arena and sport they are now partners with. Getting television time in front of a new and younger audience. That audience can look up to O’Bryant and Lue as players from a time when hard worked replaced the more recent reliance on artificial supplements in recent years. Read more about Herbalife on,9_IL.10,21_IC1146821.htm


Malcolm Casselle: New Possibilities in Digital Asset Exchange


The ability to conduct transactions seamlessly and securely from any location in the world with any other person in the world may seem like something that is nearly impossible and it has been for the last several decades. This is no longer the truth however as recent advances in digital technology have allowed a whole new world of possibilities whenever it comes to secure and simple transactions. All of this has been made possible by the same technology that powers the incredibly popular bitcoin. The name of this technology is blockchain. Blockchain itself is a simple ledger system that is cryptographically encoded in a manner that makes it impossible to alter once the transaction is recorded. Today there are computer algorithms that have been written on top of the blockchain which is known as smart contracts that have allowed many things to be possible in the world of computing that were once seen as simple science fiction.

Malcolm Casselle is an entrepreneur and successful businessman who has recognized the potential that this incredible technology offers the world of digital assets. It could make it possible to trade virtual assets instantaneously or at least nearly instantaneously with anyone in the world without the need to fear for fraudulent activity to occur. He has recently raised $100 million in venture capital for his new company named worldwide asset exchange. Malcolm Casselle is confident that this company will go on to change the way that digital transactions take place. It is just one of many real-world applications of cryptocurrency technology.

Malcolm Casselle is a native of the United States of America who went to school at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He graduated with a bachelors degree in computer science before pursuing his graduate degree at Stanford University. After completing his higher education he has been in the workforce for some time. He is known for being a successful early-stage investor in both Facebook and Zynga as well as a few bitcoin startups. Additionally, he was the chief investment officer for OPSkins the world’s largest online centralized marketplace for digital goods and is now the president of worldwide asset exchange.