Nathaniel Ru Makes a Strong Connection to Healthy Conscious Consumers


Sweetgreen is changing the outlook of the fast food industry. People will not look at this as the same old or restaurant concept anymore. There have been other attempts to put fast food alternatives in place. Subway, at one time, may have been what people considered a health-conscious choice, but this was only a partial amount of the menu.

Many people would still overindulge in high calorie counts as Subway sold pizza and other large sandwiches that people could typically not restrain themselves from. As time went on Subway would simply become another high calorie count restaurant that only gave people a small look at the possibilities for eating healthy. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | LinkedIn and  Nathaniel Ru Blazes a Trail in The Height Food Industry | Affiliate Dork

It would take someone like Nathaniel Ru to change perspectives and give people something different. Sweetgreen would be the thing that serve as the new novelty when it came to eating healthy. No one knew that the restaurant would take off this fast, but it appears that Nathaniel Ru is holding on to a goal mind with the Sweetgreen franchise.

Investors have invested big, and more investors are still looking at the possibilities of what Sweetgreen has to offer. This has become the company that has evolved in a way that people just may not have ever considered for a fast food restaurant chain.

This has become a concept that has managed to thrive, and people that live in states that do not have Sweetgreen are envious of family and friends that live in states that do. This is just how much the Internet buzz has started to spread about this franchise that Nathaniel started in Georgetown.

This is great for Nathaniel Ru. This shows him that there are a ton of other opportunities to invest. He knows about the things that need to be done when it comes to healthy food, and he is making consumers crave something that they may have never assumed that they would crave before. This brings an excitement to a rather stagnant fast food industry.

So many people may have wanted to eat healthy and make changes in their lives, but many of them really had no real options to do this.

It would be Nathaniel Ru that would think outside of the box and reach out to those customers. He wanted people to take charge of their lives. Ru wanted to give them what they wanted. He wanted to make eating healthy cool.