Dr. Cameron Clokie’s Research and Experience Contributes Prominently to Toronto Dentistry

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

The Chief Executive Officer of Induce Biologics Inc., is Dr. Cameron Clokie. Induce Biologics Inc. advances the standards of technology for bone regeneration using cost-effective and innovative methods for patients. Using leading and worldwide surgeons and scientists, Induce Biologics Inc., optimizes the handling of bone regeneration through clinical strategies.

As CEO, Dr. Cameron Clokie led the company through strategic investments for the company to initiate process developments and pre-clinical development stages. The company received $11.4 million through investments in order to complete those stages. In 2016, Induce Biologics Inc., completed bio-compatibility and toxicity testing which was used to create the first clinical trial of its kind.

As an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Cameron Clokie has decades of experience within the health care industry. During his tenure as Professor University of Toronto, Dr. Cameron Clokie was appointed as the head of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery which continued until his retirement in 2017. He still remains on advisory boards within the Toronto dentistry field.

He is highly respected within the clinical practice of oral surgery and often sought for his academic dentistry knowledge. Learn more about Cameron Clokie: https://www.yellowpages.ca/bus/Ontario/Toronto/Dr-Cameron-Clokie/390278.html

Throughout his thirty years of experience in oral and maxillofacial, Dr. Cameron Clokie has published several articles regarding the advancement of regenerative medicine and bone construction. He has been involved within numerous research projects for the development of bio-implants.

Dr. Cameron Clokie spent several years contributing to the research for determining the need for autogenous bone grafts, and the prospect of using technology within future oral surgeries. His desire is to elevate the standard ceramic dental implant with those technological advancements before autogenous bone grafts become out-of-date.

Dr. Cameron Clokie is the owner of 25 patents within the United States as well as internationally. His extensive research has contributed to some of the most-advanced practices within oral and maxillofacial surgeries.

In 2003, Dr. Cameron Clokie’s pioneering technique was used to perform a ground-breaking surgery that involved the growth of stem cells in order to reconstruct a patient’s jaw. The remarkable procedure was one of the first of its kind which was performed at the Toronto General Hospital.

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The Marketing Industry Of Brazil Now Belongs To Alexandre Gama

Business, Chief Creative Officer

Alexandre Gama is undoubtedly the most famous marketing entrepreneur in Brazil. He has introduced marketing and video development methods that had never before been featured in the country. He is also a well-known filmmaker worldwide and has won many Cannes Festival awards.

He is the only Brazillian to be on the Global Chief Creative Officer for BBH. He was also on the Publicis Groupe Global Creative Board with some of the world’s most elite marketers. He has been involved with international marketing affairs that no other Brazilian had been a part of.

In his early career, he was a copywriter for a number of marketing companies. As he moved up the corporate ladder, he had become one of the best copywriters in the country during the 1990s. He had worked for the likes of DM9 Young & Rubicam.

Alexandre Gama had started Neogama in 1999 to get his own chunk of the marketing profits. It was the fastest growing company in terms of net worth during the early 2000’s. He had merged the company with BBH in order to create one of the most powerful international marketing companies in Brazil and Europe. Their company had won many awards for the filmography in their creations.

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George Soros rises to become greatest philanthropist of modern age

Human Rights Foundation, Philanthropy

George Soros was born in Hungary in 1930. Growing up amid a rising tide of anti-Semitic nationalism, Soros’ father had the perspicacity to change his family’s last name to Soros from the Jewish surname Schwartz. This turned out to be a crucial move, one that would ultimately save the entire Soros family from near-certain death at the hands of Nazis and their extermination camps.

However, many of Soros’ extended family was not nearly so fortunate. Many of his aunts and uncles obstinately chose to remain in the country and openly declared their own Jewish heritage. This quickly brought them to the attention of Nazi commissars, who ended up sending many of them to concentration camps. Many of the brothers and sisters of Soros’ parents were never seen or heard from again. Know more on CNBC about George Soros.

This was a seminal period in the young Soros’s life. It instilled in him a deep need to understand the roots of nationalism run amok and the ways in which malignant political movements could be stopped before they had a chance to build to the fevered crescendo that nearly destroyed all of Europe in its entirety during World War II.

At first, the young Soros had no idea that he would ever end up becoming one of the greatest capitalist in the history of the markets. In fact, Soros had absolutely no desire to accumulate personal wealth, nor any inclination towards investing in the stock market. It was not until he had attended the London School of Economics, where he studied under the famous professor of philosophy Karl Popper, that Soros begin to see the benefits of accumulating vast wealth, especially for those who were philanthropically and civically minded. Soros slowly came to see the acquisition of wealth not as an end in itself, but as a means to accomplish the broad scale civic and society-wide goals that he felt were necessary to the survival of open societies.

It was only shortly after taking the helm of his own hedge fund, Soros Fund Managment, that George Soros founded his first philanthropic organization, which is still functioning today, The Open Society Foundations. The foundation has been dedicated to changing the political environment throughout many countries in the world. These include many of the former Soviet satellite states, in some of which Soros has been nearly single-handedly responsible in toppling the despotic regimes that oversaw them. Learn more about his profile at washingtontimes.com.

But it has been in the United States where Soros has received possibly the most attention for his intrepid willingness to wade into contentious areas of the political arena. Throughout the last few years, Soros has waged a one-man campaign to reform the criminal justice system from the ground up. This strategy has involved the replacement of local sheriff’s, judges and prosecutors, which Soros rightly perceived as holding some of the most potent keys to the reformation of the criminal justice system that produces the highest incarceration rates in the world.

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India Businessman Vijay Eswaran Is The Model For Sacrifice And Success In Business

Ecommerce Business Operators

Vijay Eswaran wrote the 2005 bestselling book “In The Sphere Of Silence” to explain more of his views on spiritualism and how it could actually make someone successful in business. He feels this book is timeless, especially even 10 years later when he spoke of it in an interview.

He feels that the world is become more and more attached to technology, and even though technology has become necessary for the corporate workplace, Eswaran feels it’s good to put it down for a while and spend time meditating and listening to others.

It was Eswaran’s father Vijayratnam that taught him a lot about listening to and making personal sacrifices to help others succeed just as much as you do. That’s really what Vijay Eswaran’s company QI Group is about in multilevel marketing.

QI Group Ltd. was founded in 1998 when Vijay Eswaran returned to Asia after spending years abroad in undergraduate school Europe, and then at Southern Illinois University to complete his master’s degree. Eswaran teamed up with Joseph Bismarck to start a direct selling company in Hong Kong that would sell numismatic coins to celebrate the 2000 Olympics through QI Group’s QNet company. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: https://hk.linkedin.com/in/eswaranvijay

That company later brought household products and air and water filters to the market. All of the products are sold through independent ecommerce business operators who make commission on each product sold. There are also rewards programs to incentivize high sales volumes.

One of Vijay Eswaran’s most important missions is to give back to Asia, and he has done this through RYTHM Foundation. This foundation sponsors assistance programs for children with disabilities, and has also started public services such as schools and libraries in areas where they are lacking.

They even recently made a donation to a monastery in Thailand to complete a building. Eswaran has won numerous recognitions for his business and generosity including Forbes Asia’s philanthropy heroes edition in 2011 and their Top 50 Richest at number 25 in 2013.

He’s also been a speaker at the World Economic Forum and 6th Pravasi Divas, and he was presented the New Global Indian award at an Indian business summit in New York in 2012.

New York Investor Arthur Becker Reveals The Secrets to His Personal Success

Business Management

New York investor and businessman, Arthur Becker has created an international professional presence in the fashion & design, bio technology, information technology, and real estate industries. He is chairman and chief executive officer at Zinio, a digital magazine converter company; and owner of real estate company, Madison Partners, LLC. His first investment was the buy-out of NaviSite, a services provider of technology and application management. He sold the business to Time for $230 million, in 2011, receiving a remarkable capital gain on his initial investment. In an Inspirery interview, Becker shares his secrets to his personal success in bio and information technologies .

Arthur Becker begins his Inspirery interview attributing his inspiration to the Vera Wang Fashion Company. He worked at the business as senior advisor seven years and gained valuable expertise in the design and fashion industry. It inspired him to start Madison Partners which is the first company he has made investments.

When asked about the marketing strategy he used to attract new business, he replied, his prior experience in the investment industry. Arthur Becker said he didn’t need a marketing strategy because he had already established existence in New York as a reputable businessman. What continues to make him successful is coming into the market at the right time, hard work, and staying focus. The future for Madison Partners is to start leasing the townhouses and selling some of his houses to a prospect buyer. Mr. Becker ended the interview by saying his most recent purchase for his business is the invested properties. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

Arthur Becker has other investments, including Madison Technology Group, LLC, an information and technology consulting company. He has retired as CEO of Zinio and serves as chairman. In 2016, sources reported that Mr. Becker made a $500 million investment into New York real estate properties. He’s also exploring real estate in Florida.

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How Fabletics Adapted to the Modern Buyers’ Needs


While traditional brands, especially in the realm of active wear have been defined by the quality of their goods, that is no longer enough to build a truly loyal customer base. Customers are constantly looking for the latest trend and have a threshold for a level of customer service that is higher than ever before. Today’s customer expects not only to receive a quality product but for the “surprise and delight” factor. This factor means customers expect to speak to a real person when they call a customer service line, expect things like free returns and even so far as to feel like they are a part of that brand through social media.


In a recent CNBC article, Kate Hudson spoke about how her company, Fabletics, is doing just that, and more. Fabletics has been around for three years and in that time has generated $250 million in sales – a huge feat for a startup that is on par with the success of brands like Apple and Uber. The athletic wear company specializes in a subscription model where users receive a monthly package that includes one fun and trendy workout outfit tailored to their personal preferences.


Hudson founded this company in a time when there was a massive gap in access to well-made athletic apparel that was also reasonable affordable to the modern consumer. At the time, the market had only extremely high-priced athletic wear and pieces that were more affordable, but that focused on functionality and not style. She saw this opening in the market and launched Fabletics at a perfect juncture.


In the CNBC article, Hudson also spoke about the importance of taking risks and utilizing big data to reach consumers. While the company acknowledges it isn’t all about big data, the reverse showroom technique they utilize has definitely been a key factor in their success. Instead of inviting buyers to a traditional store, the digital showroom gives users a custom experience and invites them to view the product and become a part of the brand without ever having to enter a store.


One of the keys to the reverse showroom success is Fabletics’ LifeStyle Quiz. This quiz ensures that every user takes advantage of an algorithm that matches their unique taste in working out and styles with the clothing that will be best for them. This cuts down on return rate and increases customer loyalty, contributing to the brand’s booming success.