Why Is Nine9 A Great Company To Join?

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Nine9 is a wonderful company that provides talented people with the gift of gaining the connections that they need in order to get out there. Nine9 is known for being the Unagency, and they aren’t your typical talent agency that chooses one out of ten people who walk in and interview with them. They want to give every person the chance to accomplish their dreams in the entertainment world. The truth is that acting is all about having the right experience, training, and ability to perform, and this company can help get you on the track to achieving your dreams as an actor.

Nine9 is an online marketplace that requires for you to submit your information online. Through this, they will have you become part of an interview in their office for them to find out exactly what they are capable of and what they can offer you. Nine9 is by far one of the best in the world because they have more than just great opportunities ready for you. They can help get you auditions for all the best TV shows and movies when they start casting them.

If you are looking for a company who can also give you great training and wonderful classes for the acting world, then they are right for you as well. They have classes that provide wonderful instruction on bringing out your biggest emotions and helping you accomplish so much as a performer. Nine9 You Tube has created several success stories over the years. It is incredible what they have been able to accomplish for their actors over the years. They can guide you and help you grow efficiently so that Nine9 gives you the growth that you need to succeed in this business. Nine9 is capable of giving new actors the push they need to accomplish more.


South Africa is a Great Destination for Eco-Safaris


The most exciting place in the world to observe wildlife in its native habitat is still Africa.


African safaris have been popular as an exotic and adventurous tourist destination for many years, but usually for hunters such as Ernest Hemingway. These days, there are still hunting safaris, but these days eco-safaris are much more popular.


South Africa is one of the popular destinations for these new kinds of safaris that bring people closer to the environment instead of into deeper conflict with it.


At Okavango Mokoro & Savuti Enclave in Botswana has two camps, they do not offer you motorized transport. You get to see the environment without a truck window in between. You can walk or in tradition dugout canoes, mekoros.


At this camp your tent is pitched on a wood platform, also to minimize impact with the environment. And trash is flown out for disposal instead of dumped, buried or burned nearby.


Furthermore, it uses hybrid or solar power. This reduces the use of the generator to just 8 hours a day. This reduces noise and pollution. They also treat waste before releasing it back into the environment.


They support local conservation efforts and research projects in the Linyati area and Botswana.


The only ecologically drawback with this camp is that it is so remote it’s accessible only by air.


One company that operates eco safaris to South Africa, Botswana and other locations with plenty of fascinating wildlife is Wild Ark. A group of passionate conservations, Mark and Sophie Hutchinson and their team, founded Wild Ark. They operate eco adventure tours to South Africa, Botswana, Alaska and Kenya. They have an extensive range of African tours. You can focus on bird watching, trail wildlife on foot with local trackers, practice wildlife photography and learn to hike and thrive in the bush.


Their goal is to identify areas around the globe that still have a wide diversity and richness of wildlife. They promote tours of these areas to educate people about the importance of protecting the environment. This alters their positions on environmental issues and their behavior. Plus, they encourage research of the biological diversity of these ecologies, and gives local inhabitants an economic motivation to protect and preserve their environment.



How EOS Thrived in the Lip Balm Market

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Ladies always want their lips moisturized, and so for many years, they have been scanning through drug stores and supermarkets a small, tubular tube of chapstick. These sticks were found in only two flavors including the original and mint or cherry. In 2009, a company known as Evolution of Smooth (EOS) joined the lip balm market and has since taken over with features in many beauty and fashion magazines. The company began selling its products at Walgreens, then Walmart and Target. Moreover, celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Christina Aguilera, and Miley Cyrus have been seen using the lip balm from EOS.

During an interview with Fast Company, the creators of EOS explained how they established a $250 million firm that was ranked the second best-selling lip balm by Kline. According to Kline’s study, EOS have more than one million sales weekly and are believe in increasing this number in future.

Sanjiv Mehra who is the co-creator and managing partner at EOS explains that the tube for the company’s lip balm was careful thought of and developed after an in-depth consumer study. The survey revealed that most women did not like applying lip balm with their hands as it was unhygienic and unpleasant. As such, they decided to create a lip balm tube that would stand the test of time and would be useful and enjoyable to use.

They then priced the EOS lip balm at $3, so it would compete favorably with other brands in the market. Most importantly, they used organic ingredients in creating their lip balm variant. EOS viewed its target audience as female aged between 25 and 35, and it incorporated similar advertising strategies used by its rivals such and magazine and television. Additionally, they used influencer marketing, which was the best way to reach their demographic. http://www.racked.com/2014/10/31/7571165/eos-lip-balm

They also collaborated with beauty bloggers who would review the lip balm on many social platforms including YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. The EOS lip balm has also partnered with other known brands in the industry making it successful, and its two co-founders explain that their unique backgrounds were significant in allowing them to take over the lip balm industry.

How To Keep Your Hair Happy And Healthy

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Cleansing Conditioners are a newer product out on the market today that are great for your hair. Normal shampoos have been used over the years, but they are not a healthy product to put in your hair over and over again. In fact, most of the basic shampoos end up leaving your hair dry, damaged and brittle over a span of time. There are a large amount of companies that now make these Cleansing Conditioners, but the most popular one would have to be WEN Cleansing Conditioners.

It is a 5-in-1 conditioner, which according to WEN.com, “it takes the place of your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler and leave-in conditioner.” This cleansing conditioner is great and does not contain any dangerous chemicals or sulfates, which are real harsh for your hair. While with the use of your normal shampoos, you are absorbing an abundance of harmful chemicals through your hair, for the most part. In return with these cleansing conditioners, your hair will maintain moisture, strength and be manageable.

The products were made to properly cleanse your hair in a new, healthy way. Chaz Dean, the creator of WEN, continues to grow his product line and is a presence at his salon in Hollywood. As it has grown in popularity.

Learn more about WEN: http://www.merchantcircle.com/wen-hair-care-los-angeles-ca

Fashionista and Entrepreneur Doe Deere

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The fashion industry has developed into something bigger than how anyone would have imagined a decade ago. Every inch of the industry growth has integrated class, creativity and more so the ability to attract and connect with the potential clients. Something even astonishing is how facial makeup and general cosmetic specialists and experts have gained prominence in the fashion industry and are really making it big despite the industry hurdles. Ranging from the lipstick, eyeshadows or even nail polishes, the cosmetic industry is indisputably among the fastest growing industries in the world.

Have you ever wondered of brilliant brains behind innovation and growth in this industry? Well! Meet Doe Deere, a fashionista and beauty queen who has taken the cosmetic industry by surprise. Her brands, products, and marketing strategies are by far the most admirable in the industry.

Doe Deere, together with her long-term business partner and hubby, Mark- cofounded Lime Crime cosmetics in 2008. Barely 37 years, the ever radiant-looking Doe has broken the entire cosmetic fashion standard and eventually come up with some queer cosmetic products. She has done so by embracing extreme bold colors. Though the brand launched in 2008, the journey to its inception dates back to 2004.

In 2004, Doe registered ‘Lime Crime’ on eBay for her then thawing DIY fashion line. Lime Crime ‘invoked a lot of her favorite colors’ as she puts it and constantly gained tremendous customer attraction and preference. She ultimately decided to launch her cosmetic brand ‘Lime Crime’ in 2008.

Lime Crime is a notion of revolutionizing makeup. The brand is determined to shift focus on what makeup is and how it should make people feel. Through opting for multiple deep hair colors and incredibly bold eyeshades, one message is clear, ‘that one should never be apologetic about his fashion.’ That’s what Doe stands for; creating something of unique exposure in the cosmetic market that satisfies clients’ penchant for different color and at the same time make them unique.

About Doe Deere

Doe Deere moved to America in 1998 at a teenage age of 17 years. Born in Russia, Doe initially spent over eight years in Manhattan, New York, as a musician artist before crossing over to fashion. It’s then that she met her partner and fellow band member, Mark and started all together in the fashion industry.

Trusting her guts and friendly interaction with her staff have seen her break the odds in the industry, earning her accolade as among the top inspiring female entrepreneurs.

For updates, follow Doe Deere n Twitter @doedeere.