Wessex Institute of Technology Recognizes the Importance of Research

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Wessex Institute of Technology, or WIT as it is commonly known, is an organization located in New Forest in Central Southern England that highly values research and collaboration. Every year during their annual conference WIT awards the Prigogine Medal in honor of Nobel Prize winner Ilya Prigogene. Their annual conference is designed to connect academic programs and encourage research in multiple disciplines. In addition, WIT is also home to WIT Press, their in-house publishing service that publishes the conference proceedings and other peer-reviewed research.


Top Marketing Executive Lori Senecal


One of the leading executive in the marketing and advertising industry is Lori Senecal. She is currently the chief executive officer of the firm Global. Lori attained this position back in the year 2015 and has quickly establish herself as a valuable contributor to the firm’s success. Prior to becoming the CEO of Global, Lori worked as an executive for a number of other marketing companies where she would participate in developing marketing strategy, serving clients and also managing marketing professionals. Senecal has been able to have a very successful career due to her approach to a balanced lifestyle, her upbringing and also her passion for marketing. With her leadership, Lori has helped her marketing firm employers provide excellent service to clients as well as helping them reach their sales goals on a consistent basis.

Lori has experienced a lot of success as a marketing executive due to her emphasis on innovation, developing effective strategy and also establishing a culture. One of the things that Lori has shared on Twitter about her career is innovation in which her organizations as well as clients need to develop creative ways to achieve goals. For the firms she has worked at, they would be able to be more successful by providing more solutions to clients as well as having a better understanding of what they are looking to achieve in terms of advertising campaigns. Lori also believes that her firms and the clients need to develop ways to appeal to customers such as offering better customer service and also offering more incentive for customers to take advantage of. Lastly, Lori believes that in order for any organization to be successful, they must adopt a culture where everyone strives to reach certain goals.

As well as adopting a certain philosophy, Lori attributes her success to her leadership style. When she was growing up she needed to find ways to stand out among her siblings. One of the ways that she looked to stand out is by establishing a strong work ethic. She looked to maximize her efforts in completing tasks as well as learning new things. According to Forbes Magazine, Lori also established a leadership style that would serve her very well in her career. Senecal would look to set goals and make sure that everyone that was part of a group have the same desire to achieve a similar goal. By adopting this philosophy, Lori was able to develop a foundation for future success in her life and career as a marketing executive.

Reference: http://www1.salary.com/Lori-Senecal-Salary-Bonus-Stock-Options-for-MDC-PARTNERS-INC.html

DeVos Impressive Record of Charity Contributions


Dick and Betsy DeVos have on many occasions come into the lime light for their generous political donations. If these donations amaze you, then you will be mesmerized by their charitable contributions that have been approximated to add up to $139 million.

Since Betsy DeVos was nominated as the U.S. Education Secretary, she fell under a lot of scrutiny for her donations to Republicans and her contributions to schools. This was one of the factors that led the couple to reveal to the world an account of their philanthropic activities that are conducted through the DeVos Foundation.

A Revelation of the Philanthropic Activities of the DeVos Family

In 2015, the coupled revealed through a report on their website, they had given $11.6 million worth of charitable contributions. This is twice the amount of campaign donations contributed over the past five years.

The couple is part of a dynasty which has been involved in Republican politics for many years. Dick’s father, and co founder of Amway, Rick DeVos, has contributed to the Republican Party for many decades. Rick and his family of four gave out a total of $104 million as charity in 2015. This contribution landed the DeVos family at 24th place of Forbes list of the “Top Givers in America”.

Betsy DeVos can also be considered loyalty when you consider her blood ties to the renowned Holland Industrialist, Edgar Prince, a Holland industrialist who was well connected politically and also distinguished for his charitable giving.

Why Do the DeVos Give Out So Much?

According to the code of the wealthy West Michigan families, a good reputation is not derived from what you wear or the car you drive but from the amount of money you channel towards charity.

Dick and Betsy philanthropic activities are meant to highlight the importance of education in society. In 2015, the couple spent over $3 million in educational causes, a sum that accounted for 26% of the donations they had handed out that year. Apart from this donation, the DeVos foundation set aside $357,000 to groups that offered support to education reform.

Dick DeVos claims that their spending on charity is a reflection of their efforts towards education reforms. In 2013, the major beneficiaries of their donations included “Detroit Charter School Company New Urban Learning, “Compass College of Cinematic Arts in Grand Rapids”, Ferris State University in Big Rapids, and “West Michigan Aviation Academy”.

Trump Critic George Soros Continues His Quest for a Fair and Democratic Society

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Across the world the Open Society Foundations have been making a major impact on the world in its bid to fund a network of charitable organizations dedicated to supporting the protection and advancement of human rights and democracy. The founder of the Open Society Foundations is George Soros, a former refugee who is now an octogenarian, but remains dedicated to fighting the right wing of politics he fears has begun once again making ground during elections; George Soros was himself stranded beneath the totalitarian regimes of the Nazi’s and Soviet leader Joseph Stalin during his teenage years in his home nation of Hungary now hopes to halt the inequality he sees as occurring across the planet. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

Not only does George Soros take the fight to dictators through his Open Society Networks, but also seeks to use some of his estimated $25 billion fortune to elections across the planet, according to Forbes. In the U.S. alone Soros’ total donations during the 2004 and 2016 towards Democratic Presidential candidates have reached more than $50 million, which does not include a series of donations made to the campaigns of President Barrack Obama during the 2008 and 2012 election seasons. Soros believes he has the ability to influence elections for the better by identifying the candidates that share some of the same political beliefs he has developed over the course of his life; Politico reports the Hungarian born U.S. citizen has recently been making an impact on the elections within the U.S. by making sure all eligible voters have the ability to express their opinion during free and democratic elections.

Read more: http://www.forbes.com/profile/george-soros/

During the 2016 election season much was made by major news organizations of the fact George Soros had pledged to support former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with financial donations reaching more than $25 million. Soros did not limit himself to simply backing the candidate who back his own political ideology, but also made the decision to pledge millions of dollars in support for groups and Super PAC’s protecting voting rights for members of minority groups he felt would be negatively affected by changes in laws across many states in the U.S. Many of the donations provided by George Soros were given to voter rights groups like the $2 million provided for the America Votes group that works at a national level, but a further $1 million was spread around different voting rights groups working at state level within regions affected by restrictive laws regarding voting. Politico also explains the political donations of George Soros were also made in a bid to enhance the campaigns of Democratic candidates across the U.S. with $1.5 million given to the Senate Majority PAC among other groups seeking to help Democrat’s win state level elections.

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Craig Dubitsky Gives Lip Balms New Life With EOS Lip Balms

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EOS Lip Balms otherwise known as the Lip balm company “Evolution Of Smooth” is quite possibly the largest lip care product in terms of popularity and originality. Beginning their crusade for a positive change in the beauty industry back when Chapsticks and Blistex rocked the shelves to a dull roar, Craig Dubitsky felt bad for the lack of choice people were subject to when they went in to a drug store to do the healthy thing in searching for a lip care product to rejuvenate their lips in hopes of keeping them from getting cracked and chapped in less than ideal weather conditions. Dubitsky wanted to make a change, but that wasn’t what separated him from the rest of the world, because everyone wants to make a change. The difference is that Craig Dubitsky didn’t just sit at home thinking about how he could make a better product, no, instead he got up and did something about it and now he is known as the founder of one of the most highly acclaimed beauty companies that focuses primarily on lip balms. I’m sure that today there’s not a single soul who has never had the pleasure of seeing these colorful EOS lip balm orbs of individuality covering the shelves at their local Walmarts and Walgreen’s and Ulta (http://www.ulta.com/brand/eos) which they started in almost instantaneously upon Dubitsky meeting with some of the best and brightest to come up with the clever idea of a ball that would be harder to lose, reminiscent of a more hygienic version of the early 2000’s gloss buckets. He put great thought into the concept of EOS Lip Balms, deciding that he wanted something simple to connect with the customers and instill a level of confidence that had previously been foreign in the field of lip care products he gave the industry new life.

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Bob Reina’s Outstanding Philanthropic Achievements

Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion, a relatively young corporate institution, has earned multiple plaudits for displaying benevolent acts. At the helm of the firm, CEO and founder Bob Reina has been at the vanguard of these kind acts. The company’s objective is to help individuals achieve their dreams and build their futures in the process.

According to Crunchbase, Bob Reina is a staunch believer of the mantra that says successful people have a greater responsibility in the society. He stated that his firm had embraced this culture. For this reason, Bob motivates his staff to do more and assist more people in realizing their ambitions.

A testament to Reina’s commitment is the multiple causes to which he has extended a helping hand. Among the prominent benefactors of Bob’s altruism is the Human Society of Tampa Bay, to which he granted an unmatched $1 million donation. Learn more about Bob Reina: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3051273/bio

He also supported the Indonesian Orphanage, a symbol of his commitment towards saving the lives of wild animals. Moreover, under the stewardship of Bob Reina, Talk Fusion has replicated the kind acts in all its affiliate companies, which are spread over 140 countries.

Moreover, Bob’s humanity stirred him to establish the Talk Fusion Associate initiative, in which members of the firm donates a free account to a charity of their choosing. This free account entails the premium marketing bouquet from Talk Fusion – a package that has unlimited access to all video marketing tools.

Throughout his illustrious career, Bob has been on the frontline of assisting people. His enterprise, Talk Fusion, has transformed many lives through trailblazing video marketing solutions. Furthermore, Bob has dedicated a lot of his time in giving back to the community. Several beneficiaries, ranging individuals to earthquake victims, can attest to this.

About Bob Reina

Bob Reina is an outstanding entrepreneur and the mastermind behind Talk Fusion, a video marketing business. Currently, Talk Fusion has created a euphoric wave in the market. In its short period of existence, the company has surpassed several established names and is now one of the fastest growing entities in the world.

Before venturing into business, Bob served as a police officer. He shares the successes of his ventures with the impoverished, as demonstrated by the array of humanitarian causes he has supported.

The Success of Doe Deere

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Doe Deere is a unique business owner who has been recognized on several occasions for the past decade for her excellence within the competitive makeup industry due to the hard work and the excellent products that she has produced that has changed the way that both men as well as women put on makeup. Doe Deere is the founder of an internet brand name that is known as Lime Crime that specializes in beautiful and bold colors that are not only used as eye shadow, but are also being used for lipstick and even for blush.

Doe Deere has the overall goal of changing the way that individuals all over the world wear makeup. Doe Deere wants makeup to be a part of a morning routine for fun rather than to be used only to coverup the blemishes or even the imperfections of the face. Doe Deere is mostly known for her online presence on social media sites such as Instagram where she shows off her bold new looks that she has paired well with bright clothing colors. Doe Deere believes her product is beneficial to everyone as the bright colors showoff the face rather than hide it.

Doe Deere created Lime Crime in 2008 as a side business to her clothing company where she created and designed clothes that consisted of bright and bold patterns. Doe Deere created her own makeup brand as a side business simply due to the fact that she could not find a makeup brand that would fit alongside her clothing brand.

Ever since 2008, Doe Deere’s business has become more and more successful due to the fact that it has been changing the way that both men and women put on makeup in the morning. Doe Deere has been able to attract numerous loyal customers to her business that respect Doe Deere as a businesswoman. Doe Deere has maintained her internet brand due to the fact that she feels like her customers have more input on what products are produced. Her current business model has not only kept Doe Deere humble about her success, but has also ensured that Doe Deere continues to produce excellent products.

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